The Evolution Of This Blog


I devote today’s entry on reflecting how my blog has evolved. In the beginning I started writing long entries without pictures. That was when I realized shorter entries were better, along with a picture or two. Be entertaining and informative, that has never changed.

The next stop was to have you, kind reader, have a call a call to action so I closed my blogs with a request for you to purchase my e-books. Along with that request, I added an underlined blue click here link at the bottom my blogs.

That blue underlined click here needed improving. I found a Buy At Amazon picture that linked to my books so you could be whisked away to where with one simple click, you could purchase either Yalu And The Puppy Room or Yalu And The Stinky Stink pending on which link I used.

Could I improve? Of course I could and I did. I learned how to post banners to my the right side of my blog entries that had pictures of my e-books. Click a banner and off you went to for that e-book.

That is the neat thing about marketing. There is always something to learn, a better way to package an item and advertise it. The trick is to try new ideas. So you, kind reader need to be brave, be hold and click on those banners for a pair of great stories–you’ll be glad you did because they are great stories that are finely illustrated.

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      Welcome aboard. Do me a favor, tell your friends and family about my little corner of the internet. I am always looking to add more people.


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