Yalu And The Puppy Room–When Bad Luck Gets Silly


Time for a short video. Welcome to the part of Yalu And The Puppy Room where our heroine encounters a silly run of bad luck. What is a silly run of bad luck? Well, the awkward moment with the visiting family has just happened.  The chain of bad events keeps piling on to the point where Yalu begins to think that rejection is a normal part of her life.

It’s like flipping a coin. You call heads and tails lands. Alright, flip the coin again and call heads. It came up tails a second time. Twice you got it wrong–three is a charm. You keep calling heads and tails keeps landing. Even if you were to call tails to be different, heads appears. Welcome to a contest where you seem to get it wrong more often than you get it right.

Will Yalu ever get it right? Will she find happiness and the forever home she seeks? You, kind reader, can find out how by purchasing a copy of Yalu And The Puppy Room. There is a happy ending to this story, promise, and the rewards this six week old Golden Retriever receives will warm your heart.

Click the bookcover below that will take you to Amazon.com. For $2.99 you can become a proud owner of this e-book. Help out a self published author making his way into the writing world. Be brave, be bold and see the world through the eyes of a cute brown dog.

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