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Dominant Dog

Yalu liked playing games with her people and one of those games was called dominant dog. How do you play dominant dog?

Well, first, you need a dog, preferably a cute, brown and fuzzy prancing princess puppy–those are the best. Note: for Yalu, dominant dog could only be played with people. Having another dog play dominant dog with her would simply be bad. Why? My prancing princess puppy was afraid of other dogs

Dominant Dog

Dominant Dog

So let’s review. You have found a willing puppy dog and a people person for the puppy dog to dominate—time to play dominant dog.

The best version of dominant dog was when the puppy dog climbed on top and sat on the people person for total puppy domination.

Another variation of dominant dog would be having a puppy dog place their paw over your arm. Every time the people person moves their arm, the puppy dog can then place their paw back on top to maintain dominant dog status.

Dominant Dog

Dominant Dog

Now the question is: how much fun can dominant dog be? Well if you are the dominant dog, lots of fun. Yalu got to lie on top of people for long periods of time in order to show one and all she was top dog. Personally, I think everyone let her win the dominant dog games she played.

So let’s see, the concept of dominant dog was covered and how to be a dominant dog. There were pictures of a dominant dog being a dominant dog and how happy a prancing princess puppy could be at being a dominant dog. Was anything else I forgot?

Dominant Dog

Dominant Dog

Hummm, right around here something important I like mentioning. What could it be? What could it be? Something about being bold and brave and having you, kind reader, directed to somewhere like

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Yalu's First Adventure            Yalu And The Stinky Stink Book Cover

The Happiest Golden Retriever You Will Ever Meet

Despite the picture being blurry, this is without a doubt the happiest Golden Retriever you will ever meet. She does not have a care in the world other than playing and that was how Lori and I wanted Yalu’s life to stay—worry free.

Welcome to one of Yalu’s many dog action photos. Here a happy dog romps on the grass outside her Nashua, New Hampshire puppy palace. Her puppy palace has a long common backyard with a dozen other condos. There are woods and a stonewall making for the perfect place for a prancing princess puppy to play. Lori and I never asked if Yalu was the runt of the litter. Becoming a Yates dog made her the winner of life’s lottery.

The Happiest Golden Retriever You Will Ever Meet

The Happiest Golden Retriever You Will Ever Meet

For those of you who believe in reincarnation, if you ever have to come back as a dog and you get a choice of whose dog you will become, be a Yates dog. Look at how happy you will be. There is lots of play time, lots of petties, car rides, homemade dog cookies and plenty of opportunities to show the world how cute you are.

Before her sniffer developed and back when I could outrun her, I would race Yalu to the other end of the condos and hide behind the last building. When Yalu charged past me, I would slip out of my hiding spot and run back. I would see her stopped, looking to her left and right for me wondering, Where did he go?

To which I would yell, “Woof, woof, woof!”

She would turn, notice I was far away and race back—can a prancing princess puppy have more fun? The answer: oh yes. Yes she can have much more fun. You, kind reader, will have to read my blog posts to find out how.

The Happiest Golden Retriever You Will Ever Meet

The Happiest Golden Retriever You Will Ever Meet

Getting to her puppy palace proved quite the challenge. Fear not for I have documented the first adventure of our heroine in an e-book called Yalu And The Puppy Room. Based on a true story, which means there is some truth of what you will read, Yalu learns to stand out from the other dogs in her kennel.

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Yalu And The Puppy Room–When Bad Luck Gets Silly


Time for a short video. Welcome to the part of Yalu And The Puppy Room where our heroine encounters a silly run of bad luck. What is a silly run of bad luck? Well, the awkward moment with the visiting family has just happened.  The chain of bad events keeps piling on to the point where Yalu begins to think that rejection is a normal part of her life.

It’s like flipping a coin. You call heads and tails lands. Alright, flip the coin again and call heads. It came up tails a second time. Twice you got it wrong–three is a charm. You keep calling heads and tails keeps landing. Even if you were to call tails to be different, heads appears. Welcome to a contest where you seem to get it wrong more often than you get it right.

Will Yalu ever get it right? Will she find happiness and the forever home she seeks? You, kind reader, can find out how by purchasing a copy of Yalu And The Puppy Room. There is a happy ending to this story, promise, and the rewards this six week old Golden Retriever receives will warm your heart.

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Puppy Prison

DiMamma insisted upon a puppy prison for Yalu—something about teething and needing a place to send a naughty puppy for a time out were the reasons why. There could be no arguing with DiMamma because she was the top dog of the puppy palace.

Anyway, the cage was supposed to be set up in the garage, but if the cage was in the garage, there would be no room to park the CRV so the puppy prison ended up in the den.

In theory a little brown dog, who shall remain forever cute, was supposed to sleep within the confines of her puppy prison. Well, she could not sleep on a hard plastic floor so her bed had to go in there. There were some newspapers spread across the floor so Yalu could catch up on her reading and a bowl of water just in case she needed a drink.

There was talk of putting a harmonica in there, but Yalu might do late night renditions of Nobody Knows The Troubles I’ve Seen and that is not easy for a puppy dog to do because you need fingers to play the harmonica.

So this was the place where Yalu was supposed to sleep, behind a close door, where she could not get out. Sigh.

Even worse, when everyone went to bed the den got dark. A certain prancing princess puppy was all alone and she did not like being alone. Why? She was a people pup. There had to be some way of busting out of puppy prison.

Oh the horror, the horror of having to spend time alone on a comfortable doggie bed with a bowl of water at her side and newspapers to read in case she got bored.

But wait! The den was dark. How could she read in the dark? As a matter of fact how could a puppy dog read at all?

There had to be a getting out of the dreaded puppy prison. After some thought, Yalu, trapped within the confines of a metal mesh cage, came up with a brilliant idea. She cried for help.

Puppy Prison

Puppy Prison

Who would come to her rescue? Who would dare risk the wrath of the DiMamma and rescue her from a night of loneliness? Someone with intrepid soul had to step. Daddy, Daddy, Daddy answered the call.

He heard the cries of a puppy in distress and released Yala from her puppy prison. Instead of making her sleep on the couch, or gasp…in the garage, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy brought Yalu to the master bedroom and found a spot on the bed with him and DiMamma.

All parties lived happily ever after.

Is that the end? Oh no, you must keep read so you, kind reader, can become the proud owner of two thrilling, fantastic and wonderfully written e-books called Yalu And The Puppy Room and Yalu And The Stinky Stink.

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