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Happy Fourth Of July!

Fourth of July Puppy

Brave Fourth of July Puppy

I am so lucky that to have a big, strong and brave puppy dog by the name of Mr. Wesley to protect me on the fourth of July. Where I live, there people who buy lots fireworks and enjoy setting them off again and again and again. Why? Because that is what patriots do on the fourth of July.

Whenever there is a series of loud pop pop pop sounds or what might be a muffler backfiring, Mr. Wesley pays me a special visit to make sure i am not scared. He also inspects the bathroom to make sure there are no monsters in there because monsters like hiding in bathrooms when they heard pop pop pop sounds or backfiring mufflers.

When the fireworks come out at night–like they did the night before the fourth of July, Mr. Wesley’s guard goes up. He will sit right next to me or on the bed and make sure I am not scared. Few dogs would do that for their people which goes to show how considerate Mr. Wesley is for my welfare. Having him around makes me feel safe in case any sudden noises take place in the neighborhood.

Making sure  people are not scared when scary noises happens runs in Golden Retrievers. Yalu was just like Mr. Wesley. Whenever there were loud noises, Yalu was right there to make sure I was never scared. The only difference was that she would try climbing up to my head and try to become a coon skin cap when the loud noises came.

There is a rather cute story about Yalu going out of her way to be a brave puppy and rescuing her best friend. Find how what she did by becoming the proud owner of Yalu And The Stinky Stink. It’s a great tail … I  mean tale of a puppy dog who faced the stinky stink of a skunk and then heads out into the night to rescue her pet zebra. You have to read it to believe it.

The good news is you can be reading this book in moments by pressing the banner to the right. Do that and you will be magically be transported to where for $2.99, you too can become the proud owner of this finely illustrated e-book. All you, kind reader, need to do is be brave, be bold and click that link to–fear not, it will be “woof” it.