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Dog House

Dog House

Dog House

What a thrill to see your dog house for the first time. When putting together the second edition of my first book, Yalu And The Puppy Room, I meet with my artist Tielman and reviewed the pictures I wanted to add to this edition of the book.

I asked him to draw Yalu seeing her new home for the first time from the car.

He asked me how many levels was the house?

“Two,” I answered.

“What color is  the house?” he wanted to know.

“Red,” I told him.

“Do you want a garden, a tree or two in the front yard?”


That was all we spoke about when it came to the illustration I wanted. The above was what he created. Amazing, simply amazing. There was a moment where I just looked in awe of his creation.

Tielman possesses a skill all artists throughout time have possessed. The patron, me, would describe what I wanted for a picture, then he, the artist, created something that he convinced me was my idea. Thankfully, I am easy to please in the picture department.

I really must admit, Tielman did a phenomenal job with the illustrations he created for me. Today’s example is one of three dozen illustrations he created for my two e-books, Yalu And The Puppy Room and Yalu And The Stinky Stink. For page after page you, kind reader, will find his deep and rich illustrations helping to bring the words of my two stories to life. Experience the world he created for me. Become a proud owner of my e-books. Both stories can be purchased at for $2.99. Yalu has two very great adventures that will make you root for her. Be brave, be bold and become proud owners of these books.

Meeting Yalu

Meeting Yalu

Meeting Yalu

Life is so much better when a pet not only chooses you, but also comes equipped with Jedi mind control powers. When our previous Golden Retriever, Chelsea, passed away, my sister and I wanted to see a variety of dogs when we traveled to the kennel in Deerfield. We specifically asked the owner if we could see dogs with a lot of energy and personality.

The first contestant was a Chocolate Lab. This little guy wanted to show us how quick he could cut corners. He sprinted around the room like a racecar and forgot about the two people who came to see him.

The Yellow Lab came next and he probably knew the Chocolate Lab because they had a grand old time playing together. Once again, two people sitting on separate couches felt forgotten.

Okay, bring out a German Shepherd. Now three dogs are having the time of their lives playing together. As for the two people on the couches, they could wait. Playtime was more important.

I knew a St. Bernard wasn’t going to work. Lori didn’t like drooling dogs and when this puppy grew up, he’d be a giant. Still, I wanted to see one so when the St. Bernard showed up, he wanted to party with the Chocolate Lab, Yellow Lab, and the German Shepherd. Why not? They were all having a grand time—the people could wait.

Next came an attention starved Beagle romped right to Lori. Finally, a dog who noticed people, here was progress and the Beagle had potential. Snoopy from the Peanuts cartoon strip was a Beagle. Lori loved Snoopy so the Beagle took the lead in becoming a Yates dog until he rolled over on his back and nipped away at Lori who couldn’t get her hands near him.

The Chocolate Lab decided there had to be a reason for two strangers being in the room. He decided to visit me. Being a playful little guy, he climbed up on my lap, pulled back his paw, and scratched my left arm. That was his way of saying hi.

One look at Lori told me that none of the dogs in the room stood out. I asked the owner if she would bring out a Golden Retriever.

The lady brought out a very shy Golden that she put on the floor. The pup looked at her kennelmates playing in the room and refused to join them. She eyed me and then Lori before making her move. Calmly, the Golden Retriever walked over to the couch next to my sister, avoiding the other dogs playing an intense game of tag, and tried climbing up next to Lori. Being a small pup, she couldn’t do it by herself so Lori helped her.

The dog widened her eyes and applied classic Jedi mind control. Like Obi-Wan Kenobi, she waved her paw and said, “You don’t like these dogs.”

To which Lori and I repeated with glazed eyes, “We don’t like these dogs.”

“You want a Golden Retriever.”

“We want a Golden Retriever.”

“You want the Golden Retriever sitting on the couch.”

“We want the Golden Retriever sitting on the couch.”

“You will spoil the Golden Retriever and give her whatever she wants.”

To which Lori and I came out of our trances and said to the dog, “Well, duh!”

“Tell the owner you want the Golden Retriever and will take her home with you right now.”

I did.

The owner, most likely immune from Jedi mind tricks was stunned. “You said you wanted an outgoing dog. You picked the shiest one here.”

Hey, once a Golden Retriever lover, always a Golden Retriever lover.

I’m glad Yalu came with Jedi mind control powers and a whole lot of cute. She would need it for her upcoming meeting with DiMamma.

Comfort Dogs To The Rescue

In the aftermath of the Orlando, Florida killings at the Pulse Night Club, twenty comfort dogs were dispatched with their people from Chicago. Their goal: offering their personal charms to the heartbroken. Were twenty poodles sent? Nope. How about twenty beagles? Nah. The best comfort dogs in the whole-wide-world are Golden Retrievers.

People will warm up to a Golden Retriever on the street much faster than they would a pit bull (Yes, pit bulls get a tough rap because their is no such thing as a bad dog, just bad owners). A Golden Retriever has a constant friendly smile on their face than any bulldog you might come across. Nothing against these other dogs. I am sure they have unique qualities that make them special pets–I just do not know what they are because of my personal bias to a certain type of cute, brown, fuzzy and very friendly kind of dog I know. The fact of the matter is you one does not send poodles, beagles, pit bulls, or bull dogs to heal a broken heart. When someone’s heart needs healing, a Golden Retriever gets sent to the rescue.

A Golden Retriever knows to lean their heads into you or rest their chins upon the troubled chest of their people patients. Get some petting interaction going and a tail wags. The more the tail wags, the greater their healing power.

The Golden Retriever is more patient and understanding than most puppy dogs you might come across. Sure these twenty Golden Retrievers will have their paws full with all the people clients they will encounter, but they are up to the task.

I am lucky that I have had three Golden Retrievers in my life to help me get through the rough patches along life’s sometime bumpy road. All I have needed to do was find Chelsea, Yalu, or Mr. Wesley for some much needed petties. Sometimes the therapy session with them were ling, but given time, they melted away my problems and reestablished life’s most important credential: hope.

What you, kind reader, must do is find out the wonderful secrets of having a Golden Retriever in your life. There is a way to view the world through a Golden Retriever’s eyes and that is by becoming the proud owner of Yalu And The Puppy Room.

Meet My Comfort Dog

Meet My Comfort Dog

In this wonderfully illustrated e-book and believe you me, I had a really good illustrator named Tielman do these fine pictures, you can find out how an eight-week-old Golden Retriever who will one day be named Yalu finds a forever home. She faces obstacles that no puppy dog should have to ever face. Not only does face them with her furry snout held high, she learns to overcome them. For the amazingly low price of $2,99, you too can own this e-book. Be brave, be bold and click those banners to the right and be magically transported to–it will be “woof” it.

Ready For An “Aaahh” Moment?

Get ready for your “Aaahh” moment moment because here it is friends and neighbors. What could be better than puppies? How about Golden Retriever puppies. Alright, perhaps I am a little bias, but Golden Retrievers are the best puppy dogs in the whole-wide-world. How do I know? Well, let me just say that I have a great deal of experience with them.

They have an advantage over other dogs because they come with an extra cup of cute. They are kind, loyal and gentle–unless there is a rope available for tug-of-war, then they are big tough dogs ready for play.

Another "Aaahh" Moment?

Another “Aaahh” Moment?

They start out with big ears and big paws that they grow into. Did I mention they were cute? I give you the picture on the right of a prancing princess puppy behaving just long enough to have her picture taken as evidence. Let us give this one a good once over. Hummm. Yep, after careful analysis, this Golden Retriever is indeed cute, Even better Golden Retrievers get cutier with each passing moment. How many dogs can do that? The answer: not many!

What are Golden Retrievers good at? The list is long, but playing would be something they are very good at doing. Have ball, will play is their motto. They are very good at keeping monsters away too. Not one monster had ever showed up under Yalu’s watch, Mr. Wesley, the resident Golden, is also very good at keeping monsters away.

Golden Retrievers are very good at checking sniff mail. There is so much sniff mail they need to check. Sniff mail can be here, there and everywhere. A Golden Retriever will make the rounds and ensure that all local sniff mail is up to date. They might even leave a few sniff mails for others to check.

How much fun can you have with a Golden Retriever? No one knows because the good times keep coming. People have yet to report they had had the  must fun ever with their Golden Retriever. Why? Because they are so versatile. They run. They sniff, They swim. They chase a ball. They chaise their tails–and sometimes catch said tail. They are always ready for a car ride and they are smart too.

Still not convinced that a Golden Retriever is the dog for you? Well, kind reader, you need to find out about a certain Golden Retriever who found her very own forever home. Such a well written and wonderfully illustrated e-book could cost you a fortune, but because you deserve to know their inner secrets, you will not pay $200, $100, $50 or even $25. For you, yes you, this e-book can be yours for just $2,99!

Think of it, you are moments away from having Yalu And The Puppy Room available on your smart phone, tablet or computer. There is a banner to the right that will take you to Amazon,com where you can make the magic happen. Be brave, be bold and take that all important next step.



Almost A Perfect Ten

Almost A Perfect Ten

Mr. Wesley, the resident puppy dog, almost had a perfect ten for his day. It started out early in the morning with double ball that was played in the backyard his “unc.” What is double ball? You will have search this blog and find out. Do not worry, it is “woof” the search.

Next up, Mr. Wesley’s unc took him for a car ride where he got to look outside and sniff the world. When they got back, there was another car ride, yes, two car rides in one day. That raised Mr. Wesley’s happiness up to a way to a decent eight.


Just when life could not get any better, there was another visit to the backyard for another exciting game of double ball. If you still do not know what double ball is, you will have to go look up at the end of this blog.

Two car rides, two games of double ball, now Mr. Wesley was well past a nine out of ten on the happiness scale. What could improve upon his already “wooferiric” day? He had a hamburger, hold the bread and there were dog treats thrown in for good measure. But wait, there was more. Mr. Wesley has a big dog rope so there was exciting tug of war action with unc.

Big Eyed Puppy Dog

Big Eyed Puppy Dog

Talk about living a dog’s life. Should any of you ever have a chance at reincarnation, come back as a Yates dog. They make out like bandits–little actual work, lots of play, sniff mail, plenty of car rides and toys, lots of toys.

In order to become a Yates dog, you have to be on look out for two easy marks that could show up at your dog kennel. They are the supposed adults, but they turn into a couple of six-year-olds when a dog shows up. When you see these people, go right to them and make with the big puppy dog eyes. Trust me, they are suckers for it and will be at your beck and call.

Once you have them under your paw, make the people want to play with you. The really good dogs know how to make their people feel bad for not interacting with them. It is almost scandalous how a puppy dog can pull this off day after day because it is the primary job of a Yates dog keep have more and more fun with each passing day. Is there such a thing as too much fun? That point has yet been reached.

Need more tips on how to become a Yates dog? Well. kind reader, you need to become the proud owner of an e-book called Yalu And The Puppy Room. Here, an eight-week-old Golden Retriever who will one day become known as Yalu will teach you all the trick you need to know in order to master people. Be brave, be hold and step into Yalu’s world.

P.S. Click here for Double Ball

The Dog Gym–Part III Enter DiMamma

The Dog Gym–Part III Enter DiMamma

The Dog Gym–Part III Enter DiMamma

When we last left our heroine, Yalu was forced to make weekly Saturday morning visits to the dog gym. This was the place where mean and vicious woof woofs gathered to chase our sweet kindhearted prancing princess puppy.

Yalu was forced to visit this terrible, terrible, terrible place by people who should have known better. She had been chased inside the building by mean and vicious woof woofs. She had been chased in the fenced off part of the building by mean and vicious woof woofs. Her only places of refuge were inside the building where the baby puppies gathered to yip at each other and long sniffy trips outside the dog gym parking lot.

On this Saturday visit DiMamma accompanied Yalu to the dog gym. Who was DiMamma? She was the top dog. DiManna sat in a chair inside the dog gym while more mean and vicious woof woofs came with their parents to “socialize” with other dogs.

Once again, Yalu found herself chosen by the “woofpack” to be it. The chase was on. When Yalu ran to one side of the gym, the mean and vicious woof woofs chased her. When Yalu ran to the other side of the gym, the mean and vicious woof woofs pursued her.

Yalu saw DiMamma. She ran to her. The mean and vicious woof woofs stayed a few paces back. They knew better than to mess with the DiMamma.

One of the dog gym employees decided to add her two cents by saying to DiMamma, “Ooh, you should let your dog run free and socialize with the other dogs.”

This dog gym employee clearly needed a demonstration of DiMamma’s awesome powers. “Don’t you tell me how to take care of my dog,” DiMamma told her.

That took care of the dog gym employee.

The mean and vicious woof woofs decided to elect another dog as being it and gave chase. Yalu stayed with DiMamma–her top dog.

From that day onward, a certain prancing princess puppy had better ways to spend her Saturdays. By order of DiMamma, Yalu would no longer attend the dog gym. She could play ball outside her puppy palace, go for car rides, and take walkies. This made for a happy Yalu.

You, kind reader, should find what kind of adventures Yalu has had. In Yalu And The Puppy Room, she learned to overcome rejection and chose her own forever home. If you think that was impressive, in her second adventure, Yalu And The Stinky Stinky, she rescued her pet zebra–not too many dogs can do that. Through the miracle of the internet you can become the proud owner of these e-books for just $2.99 each. All you have to do is be brave, be bold and click on the book banner below.


People Are Strange


People Are Strange

People Are Strange

Jim Morrison of The Doors was right: people are strange. There are times when they simply do not understand a doggie’s needs. There you are, a prancing princess puppy with a very important problem and your people just cannot figure out what you need them to do.

There you are searching the house for the most important pet zebra in your world. Your people should be aware of this dire problem and join you in finding out what happened to Molly.

Do they not know that Molly is your bff? They have seen you squeaking her on the couch many times. You carry Molly all around the house. If Molly the zebra is not around ready to be squeaked, then there is something wrong and that wrong must be righted this instant. Are her people helping? No, they are just acting as though they have a crazy dog looking around the bedroom for no particular good reason.

Sigh, finding good people can be difficult. Communicating with them even harder. They think that helping Yalu wash up after a close encounter with a skunk was all they needed to do that day. They were probably sad that the skunk spoiled an afternoon walkies,

Well that might be true, but what about Molly? Yalu has done a through job of looking for her. Now drastic steps must be taken. The kind of steps that will make her people wonder what has gotten into their puppy dog.

Doggie Distress Cakk

Doggie Distress Call

I mean come on, what could drive a prancing princess puppy dog to have a panicked stricken look at the base of the steps? That look could only mean one thing: monsters. Yalu has to save Molly from monsters and she needs her people.

How does she do that? Well, kind reader, you will have to find out by becoming the proud owner of Yalu And The Stinky Stink.  In Yalu’s second adventure you will see her overcome her fear of monsters and rescue her pet zebra. It is time to be brave, be bold and join Yalu on her gallant rescue.