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Better Than Batman

Better Than Batman

Better Than Batman

Except for Batman, most super heroes have special powers. Someone like Batman must rely on his brains and whatever he happened to have in his utility belt. Yalu resembled Batman in that respect, but she did not have a utility belt. She needed her smarts to get herself out of touch situations. Unlike Yalu Batman could easily scale a couch. Yalu needed a little help. The difference was that Yalu had a special talent/power Batman would never dare use.

Yalu had the power of super duper ober cute. Let’s face it, how cute is Batman? Would you want to sit on a couch and cuddle with Batman? Does Batman even cuddle? I see him more as a brooder. You could cuddle with Yalu. Why? It was her super duper ober cute factor that she always had available. She had a reliable tail that could easily brush dust off your knees. Try getting Batman to dust.

Now I can get into a promotion of Batman, but he has billionaire Bruce Wayne to help him out so I will opt instead to be Yalu’s promoter. Alight, here goes. Become the proud owner of Yalu And The Puppy Room and Yalu And The Stinky Stink. Why purchase these e-book? Well first off, you can find out how Yalu found a forever home. She did that without the help of a billionaire financier.

Next up, Yalu relied on her super duper ober cute power to get pretty much anything she wanted. Batman does not have the ability to be super duper ober cute power. He is just Batman. Also, would Batman rescue a zebra? Highly doubtful. Yalu rescues a zebra in one of her adventures.

Is Yalu better than Batman? I will let you, kind reader, find out by heading to and becoming the proud owner of these e-books. Fear not, the banners to get you from point A to point B are to the right. Be brave, be hold and become part of Yalu’s world.

How To Make A Good First Impression

How To Make A Good First Impression

How To Make A Good First Impression

What would you do make a good first impression? Would you juggle? Do a handstand? Juggling and handstands would be easy if you had hands and most dogs I know do not have hands. Although I have seen videos of dogs doing handstands. I have yet to see a dog doing traditional juggling. YouTube claims to have dog juggling videos. They are just a dog nipping a balloon or another dog catching a bouncing ball. Those do not count as feats of juggling.

Most dogs make their first impression by barking. The problem is that all adult dogs bark and when they do that gives humans the wrong first impression. Another problem is that a puppy does not know how to bark. At best, they make yelping noises like other puppies. That leaves a pup trying to figure out how to make that all important good first impression on humans. This is a big life decision so it must be done just right.

A dog could jump on your lap and beg for attention. I have had more than one dog do that as their way of saying hello. Big dogs, little dogs have done that with me. One playfully pup pulled back his paw and with a big smile on his face scratched my arm. Perhaps he thought I liked to play rough because he to play rough. All that got me was a scratch on my arm.

Then there was the dog who was all teeth and liked nipping at me. That was his way of playing. Try petting him and the teeth came out. He might have been a nice puppy, the problem was that he made a wrong first impression. For some odd reason, I like my fingers and want to keep them connected to my hands.

Why not play with other dogs? Dogs like playing tag. Pick one puppy to be it and let the chase begin. Wait, wait, wait. How does that make a good first impression with humans? How does that make you stand out from the crowd of dogs? Playing tag shows that you can run in a pack of dogs.

This was the situation a shy yet to be named Golden Retriever found herself. The room she entered was filled with puppies having a grand old time playing tag while two humans sat on a couch watching them.

She had choices. She could play tag and run around in a pack with the other dogs in the room. Such interaction with other puppies was not her thing. This was a classy, yet shy eight week old Golden Retriever. She could stand off alone and hope to be noticed by the humans. The problem with plan B was that the pack of dogs playing tag could come her way and make her it. That meant running, roughhousing with the boy dogs and getting her fur out of place.

There had to be a better way for the people in the room to notice her. If not, she would be going back to her cage and that was the last thing she wanted. Life in the case was boring. Here was a chance to get out of her kennel and live the life of her dreams. The man and woman in the room looked nice enough. They both smiled and looked like dog people. They had to be dog people. Why else would they be in a room filled with puppies chasing each other if they were not dog people?

Think, think, think. How could she to stand out? How could she get noticed? That was when an idea came to the shy eight week old Golden Retriever who wanted to leave with these two people.

If I told you the great idea this Golden Retriever had, there would be no reason for you, kind reader, to purchase my wonderful e-book, Yalu And The Puppy Room. It is available on for $2.99. In mere moments, it can be downloaded to your computer, tablet or smart phone and that is just one of Yalu’s fabulous adventures.

The only question remaining is this: are you curious enough to want to find out what this shy Golden Retriever did to stand out from the croud? There is only one way to find out. Be brave, be bold and become the proud owner Yalu And The Puppy Room–it is “woof” it.


Dominant Dog

Dominant Dog

Dominant Dog

Yalu liked playing games with her people and one of them was called dominant dog. How do  you play dominant dog? Well, first, you need a dog, preferably a cute, brown and fuzzy prancing princess puppy–those are the best. Next, you someone that cute, brown and fuzzy prancing princess puppy can dominate. Note: for Yalu dominant dog could only be played with people. Having another dog play would simply be bad since she was afraid of other dogs and it was always Yalu’s goal to be the dominant dog.

Time to review. You have found a willing puppy dog and a people person for the puppy dog to dominate. Time to play. The best version of dominant dog is when the puppy dog climbed on top you and sat. That made for total puppy domination.

Another variation of dominant dog would be having a puppy dog place their paw over your arm. Every time the people person moved their arm, the puppy dog would place their paw back on top and maintain her dominant dog status.

How much fun was dominant dog? Well if you are the dominant dog, lots of fun. Yalu got to lay on top of people for long periods of time in order to show one and all that she was top dog. Personally, I think everyone let her win the dominant dog contests.

Dominant Dog

Dominant Dog

So let’s see, the concept of dominant dog was covered and how to be  a dominant dog. There were pictures of a dominant dog being a dominant dog and how happy she was to be the dominant dog. Was anything else forgotten?

Hummm, right around here something important got mentioned. It is coming to me. It is coming to me. But what could it be? What could it be? Something about being bold and brave and finding what you, kind reader, dearly want and how it could be purchased on within seconds.

Do me a favor, click on any banners you might discover and let me know where they lead you. It has got be somewhere cute that has a dog having adventures.

Guard Zebra

Guard Zebra

Guard Zebra

Meet Molly, the guard zebra. She was Yalu’s bff–that was an important position to have in the stuffed pet animal kingdom that lived in Yalu’s toy box. Among Molly’s many bff duties was guarding her puppy dog. Why do that? Well after a long day of being a prancing princess puppy, there were times when Yalu needed to take a break. Whenever Yalu napped, Molly would have Yalu’s back or in the case of this action packed puppy dog photo, Yalu’s left shoulder.

What did it take to be a professional guard zebra? First and foremost, the ideal candidate needed the hooves to stand on her dog whenever necessary. Taking the high fur meant being able to give proper warning against monsters. Monsters lived outside and could be very sneaky. The good news was that monsters only came out at night so daytime zebra guard duty was easy.

The next important feature of being a good guard zebra was being able to give ample warning to a puppy dog in case there was any danger, both real and imagined. That meant have a good squeaker. Molly squeaker worked well. Yalu tested it all the time.

Guard Zebra

Guard Zebra

The best part of being Yalu’s guard zebra would be when her bff woke up. An awakened puppy meant a rested puppy and rested puppy liked playing. Being there for you bff was something Molly was good at doing. What could be better than being the first zebra your dog saw when she woke up from a nap?

Molly was the reason Yalu made an emergency nighttime rescue. Monsters were out and about and Yalu could not leave her bff in the backyard overnight. Found out how a brave prancing princess puppy rescued her zebra by becoming the proud owner of Yalu And The Stinky Stink. There is fun and adventure for one and all in this action packed dog e-book that can be found on You, kind reader, need to take that next step. Be brave, be hold and become a part of Yalu’s world.


Stupid Voice Recordings

Stupid Voice Recordings

Stupid Voice Recordings

I tend to make stupid voice recordings when I get in front of a mic. There are little squeaks and whistle noises I hear when I edit. That would be one issue.

Another would be just simply reading the words and my mouth saying something else. For instance, the line might be “Someone will probably write a story about me and that dog.” My mouth will spill out the words, “Somebody will probably write a bit about me and that dog.”

The solution would be to read it again so I do. This time the words come out right, but I hear a whistle between my front teeth that I only seem to be able to hear. Perhaps I have dog ears.

Other fun bits that get edited out of a recording are when the lawn gets mowed or an airplane flying overhead–it does not help living near the Nashua airport. Then there are people opening doors and walking on the floor above me. The solution to all those problem has been to record at night.

Green apples. Eat green apples. I have learned that from watching voice coaching lessons on The bitter taste should make the whistling and other strange noises that comes out one’s mouth disappear. I still hear them.

Another problem would be the lack of space in my recording booth. It can hold a microphone stand, an attached mic and me. In one hand I hold the paper I will read from. In the other hand I hold a flashlight that does not hum–hey, it works.

Another lesson I have learned is to just keep talking. When I make a mistake, I know I can edit it out with the software I use. (Ableton Live version 9 for those playing at home) What I dislike is having to repave … repove … repeat myself more than a few times during the recording process. The good news is that the end product is pretty good.

You can listen to a little intro to Yalu And The Puppy Room by hitting the play button to the right. That is me, the author reading, Go ahead, kind reader, take a listen and after you do, buy the e-book. There is a link to it on Go ahead, be brave, be bold and enjoy my reading voice.

How A Dog Uses A Tablet

Alright have to admit, this is cute, The iPad was meant to be played with and this little guy knows his way around or at the very least does a pretty good job of faking it. Looks like he is very into his game as well as he should be. There is a paw on the screen and he is making more of them. With a little more training, this dachshund surf the internet like a pro.

Yalu never liked computers. Why? Computers stopped people from doing their main function in life and that was paying attention to her. Television she tolerated because she could sit next to you or on your lap and get petted.

Yes, Yalu was a me, me, me dog, but in a nice way. There was a certain class in how she presented herself. People wanted to pay attention to her. They wanted to be around her. I mean let’s face it, all that cute attracts attention.

Professional Dog

Professional Dog

It cannot be easy for a dog to balance cute, brown and fury into one prancing princess puppy package. Some dogs look at you with a, “here I am. Might as pet me,” Yalu managed to pull off with her je ne sais quoi–a little French lingo for a quality that cannot be described or named . You simply know it when you see it.

You, kind reader, can become part of Yalu’s marvelous world by becoming the proud owner of Yalu And The Puppy Room and Yalu And The Stinky Stink. Two great puppy adventures await you. They can both be quickly downloaded as e-books from and both can be on your computer, tablet or smart phone in a manner seconds–maybe that was why the dachshund kept tapping at the iPad. He wanted to know more about Yalu’s adventures. Well, the time has come for you to be brave, be bold and find out why adding Yalu’s adventures into your life would be simply marvelous.


Happy Dog With A Red Ball

Happy Dog

Happy Dog

Sometimes, all you need in life is a happy dog with a red ball. Add a little green grass, a nice afternoon and you have the makings of a wonderful day.

With all the rushing around people and puppies do, relaxing in the backyard with a ball in your mouth is nice, at least when you are a dog because it is doubtful that a people person would be able to pull off the whole red ball in the mouth trick. I’m not saying it cannot be done, that is, a people person putting a big red ball in their mouth. I am just saying that doing such a trick would be much easier for a puppy dog.


Being an only pup, Yalu did not have to worry about having to share her red ball or other toys that matter, with furry siblings. The first problem would be getting the dog spit off the ball. I mean, come on, what proper prancing princess puppy would want to do that? Could they even do that? A swimming pool or bathtub would be necessary.

Then there would be fights for the ball, or a toy, or even worse, dog treats. Was there equal play time and a whole lot of other “issues” such as equal petting time and treat distribution would come into question. Perish the thought if another sibling to more treats.

Yeah, Yalu did a good job in picking me and my sister. We were good at making sure she got a lot of attention so she could stay fresh–there were worries that Yalu might spoil or is it be spoiled? One did not happen, the other did.

The good news was that she lived a dog’s life and by that I mean she was kept fresh as often as possible. How was that done? There are banners on the right that will show you how Yalu picked her dream people in of her adventures and how she rescued her pet zebra from a skunk in another. You will just have to read it to believe it. All you, kind reader, have to do is be brave, be bold and take a quick trip to so you too can become a part of Yalu’s wonderful world.

All You Need Is A Hypo



Sometimes, all I dog needs is her pet hypo at her side. Pet hypos are easy to get along with, particularly when they have a squeaker. Squeakers allow your hypo to talk and when, not if, when, your hypo goes horse from all that talking, then a new squeaker can be inserted by Di Mamma and all is well.

I have to admit, there is a complete look of puppy bliss on Yalu’s face. Meet a happy dog. She has a toy, she has that look that says, “Snap your pictures, then come pet me. After that we can play.”


For those of you who have had a Yalu in your life, consider yourself blessed. People can choose a dog, but when the dog chooses you, it is something special. I was lucky to be chosen. It was a magic moment ranks up there in the top ten memory department. Of all the dogs in the room, she chose me..



The sketch was one of many my artist Tielman drew for my first e-book, Yalu And The Puppy Room.  It has been a while since I paid him a complement so here goes. Tielman did a really great job for me.

He captured the moment when Yalu first entered the room and made the important decision of wanting to go home with these people she had never meet. That was pretty good dogie intuition on her part. Perhaps my sister and I are pretty good at giving off the positive waves.

Did I take a little artistic license in getting up to this point of the story, I will let you, kind reader decide. Go ahead and follow the link on the right to You are allowed to take a look at the first few pages. Go ahead, they are “woof it.” You just need to be brave, be bold and take that powerful trip across the internet to find out how and why got her first adventure.

Once Upon A Dog

Once Upon A Dog

Once upon a dog–the story is about a dog, not time, there was a Golden Retriever named Yalu and she liked car rides. When she went on these car rides, Yalu expected the windows to be down so could stick her nose out the window and sniff whenever she wanted. When she sniffed the great outdoors was up to her.

The problem this prancing princess puppy had one day while out on her car ride was that her driver kept the windows up. I know, talk about your doggie tension. Why would her personal chauffeur keep the windows up? Are you ready for this? He complained, complained, more than once that it was too cold outside. He did not like what he called, “the burr, burr cold” blowing on the back of his neck while he drove.

Her driver said it was 26 degrees outside, whatever that meant. The blowing wind was too much for him so the prancing princess puppy would have to “rough” it with the windows up during her car ride.

Was it Yalu’s fault that her driver could not keep warm? Where was his fur coat? Yalu never went anywhere without her fur coat. Was there not enough puppy fur in the car for him to knit himself a very warm jacket? Where was his scarf?

He could have turned up the heater, but nooo, her driver kept the car windows up and denied a fury cute brown dog the benefits of the great outdoors. Good help is so hard to find. The only reasons Yalu kept her chauffeur was that he did a pretty good job in the petties and play departments–he had room for improvement when it came to supplying puppy treats.

Keep in mind that Yalu was not a spoiled dog. Oh no, she was fresh. Being fresh required people, including her driver, doing whatever Yalu wanted whenever Yalu wanted it done. These freshness expectations should be been made known back at the kennel when Yalu chose her people.

Curious as to how we got here? Well you, kind reader, can follow Yalu’s trek to top dog status by becoming a proud owner of Yalu And The Puppy Room.  Find out how she met her future chauffeur and the way she stood out from the other dogs in the crowd.

I know, I know, one Yalu adventure is not good enough. You want to know how well this dog handles a stinky situation. The answer to that and many other questions can be found in Yalu And The Stinky Stink where she rescues a zebra. You read that right, Yalu rescues her pet zebra.

Now that you are thoroughly intrigued and wondering, “How does a Golden Retriever all do those amazing things?” Well you can find out by clicking the banner links to the right and for $2,99–$5.98 if you are brave and bold enough to purchase both e-books, you can be in the know.