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Waiting For People

Waiting For People

Waiting For People

Waiting for people is the most boring thing a puppy dog does. One can take a nap and dream of getting petties, going for walkies or car rides, but that is not the same as doing. Puppies live in the now! As in, let’s play, right now. Pet me right now. Later things can be done … well later.

What do people do that keep them away from their puppy dogs all day? Dog wonder about this all the time. One minute in people time equals seven minutes in puppy time. When there is a dog who has the patience of say, a puppy, waiting for people takes up a very large chunk of a dog’s day.

You know what every dog needs? Every dog needs a personal puppy entertainer. That would solve a good many puppy issues. Imagine how much better the world would be if puppy dogs had such a service.

The personal puppy entertainer could do lots and lots of fun stuff like play ball. Playing ball would get a puppy running and a tail wagging. There could be petties whenever a dog deemed it necessary and petties is an essential part of a dog’s day. Think of it as coffee. Pop quiz; Is there ever a bad time for petties? That was a trick question because there is never a bad time for petties. Meanwhile, back to our story.

Personal puppy entertainers could work in shifts. They could work in groups just so long as there is puppy interaction with people whenever the puppy wants. Personal puppy entertainers could be young people, old people, tall people, short people, even (Gasp!) cat people.

Think of all the problems that could be solved if there were personal puppy entertainers. There are too many to list. Let’s just say the world would be a much better place for puppies.

After getting out that great idea, I almost forgot to advertise one or both of my e-books–I tend to do that when I get passionate about an issue such as the personal puppy entertainer. Go ahead and take a look at one or both of my e-books at–you are allowed sneak peaks. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll wonder how a little brown dog named Yalu managed to communicate so many great ideas to me. Take that big step. Be brave, be bold and find out why Yalu is so wonderful.


Happy Birthday Yalu!

Happy Birthday Yalu


Happy birthday Yalu. On this date in the year 2000, a Golden Retriever gave birth to a litter of pups. Among those pups was a little dog who would eventually become known in my world as Yalu.

From the moment she and I met later that year in July, Yalu found a way to stand out from the other dogs running around the room acting like a bunch of puppies.

Being a very shy dog, she was determined enough to choose my sister and me by standing out from the crowd. She did that by going to a couch where my sister sat and trying to pull herself up. With a little help from Lori, she got there and gave us her big puppy dog eyes. Good thing Lori and I were suckers for Golden Retrievers.

The cute continued when we brought Yalu to her puppy palace. Her curiosity at wandering around the house and the outdoors fascinated her. There were so many places to sniff and there were two people specially assigned to play with her.

It took her a little time to adjust to her new surroundings. She refused to go potty when she first arrived. Guess there was one place and one place alone where she went to the bathroom where she used to live and it was nowhere to be seen in her new surroundings.

She spent the first night at her new puppy palace sleeping on my bed. Early in the morning there were three distressful barks to wake me up. By the time my eyes focused, she was busy taking a long potty break on my bed. Nice that she finally had the urge to go, the problem was that we needed to change where she went. After having her drinking a lot of water, Yalu and I spent a lot of time on the deck with me saying, “Go potty. Go potty.”

Yalu would look at me probably wondering what, “Go potty. Go potty” meant. Given time, she had to go and since she could not get back inside, the deck became her potty place. Whenever Yalu and I would be outside on the grass lounging, having good times, she would get up, run inside, go up a flight of stairs and appear on the deck to relieve herself. A few minutes later, she would be outside with me.

If the door to the deck was closed, Yalu would walk to the door. If no one came to her assistance, she would give a single polite bark. I liked that about her, she knew how to work the staff.

Yalu did pick a rather bad day to have a birthday. President Lincoln died on this date in 1865. HMS Titanic sank on this date in 1912. There was the great Mississippi flood of 1927. Taxes in America tend to be due today. Despite all the gloom and doom that occurred on this date, a very cute, brown, fury puppy dog came into the world. Knowing that April 15th becomes a pretty good day for me.

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