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The Dog Gym–Part II: The Part Where The Little Puppies Played

Little Puppies

Little Puppies

When we last left our heroine, Yalu was forced to visit a terrible, terrible, terrible place known as the dog gym where mean and vicious woof woofs gathered in wolfpacks to chase our innocent prancing princess puppy.

Saturday mornings were the days when Yalu was forced by otherwise nice people who she tried and loved with all of her heart. They wanted her to socialize with other dogs. Yalu had no other choice than ,,, than to travel to this very scary place.

There was a part of the dog gym where the little baby puppies gathered with their parents. This soon became the place where Yalu wanted to hang out. Little puppies could not hurt her. Why? They were smaller than her. These puppies yipped at each other and little more.

This was nice, at least it was to Yalu. She would sit near these little puppies while the mean and vicious woof woofs chased each other around the dog gym. The little puppies would paw her. That was better than being chased by the mean and vicious woof woofs. Some of the puppies nudged next to her wanting to cuddle.

The trick was to kill time. If that meant being around little puppies for a while, then so be it. That was when Yalu got one of her the brilliant ideas.

Potty. Good dogs go potty outside and since she was a good dog, it was time for a potty trip. While the mean and vicious woof woofs chased each other on the far side of the gym, Yalu made a break for the door. She gave Brian a look that said she had to go potty. It took Brian a while to understand that she needed to go potty. Being a guy, he needed training on basic dog hints.

Outside Yalu went with Brian on her leash to check all the sniff mail outside the dog gym. The potty trip had to take a very long while. If she went too fast that meant going back inside. Go potty and sniff. Go potty and sniff. Doing that got Yalu to the car and far far away from the dog gym.

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The Dog Gym Part I–Mean And Vicious Woof Woofs Take Notice

The Dog Gym

The Dog Gym

This is the first part a story about a prancing princess puppy, pictured right, and something that should have never have happened at a dog gym. We begin our adventure with a prim and proper Golden Retriever living a dog’s life. She was a happy puppy with her very own her puppy palace filled with plenty of people who adored her.

One of her adoring subjects came up with the not so bright idea of taking her to a dog gym. What is a dog gym? It was the absolute worse place on earth to ever take a prancing princess puppy who had everything she ever needed in her puppy palace. Meanwhile, back to this story that is about to become a living nightmare.

What was a dog gym? It was a big building where dogs could get together and be dogs. There were three areas of the dog gym. The were really scary areas where dogs behaved ,,, well like dogs. Scary area one was inside the gym. Scary area two was outside the gym in a fenced area.  There was a third area within the gym where the little puppies gathered.

Oh what good idea it would be for Yalu to socialize. She was a shy dog who seemed to prefer people to other dogs. Let’s see if we could break her shyness. There was the the reason for bringing a perfectly happy prancing princess puppy who have everything she ever wanted at her puppy palace to do dog gym.

Yalu’s trips to the dog gym happened on Saturdays. The two people Yalu had selected above all others at her kennel brought her to this monstrosity–it has to be a terrible place because monstrosity sounds an awful lot like monsters and monsters had to be in charge of this dog gym.

Anyway, her people brought a prancing princess puppy to a dog gym. Dogs were already there, a wild pack of thirteen of mean and vicious woof woofs chased a poor helpless dog that ran for his life. This dog was brave because he had a big smile on his face and his tongue hung out while he ran.

Yalu was forced to join in this hunt and began being a polite little prancing princess puppy, she ran with the pack of mean and vicious woof woofs. In less than a minute, the woof woofs all stopped, turned, looked at the gentle prancing princess puppy in their midst. A dog vote was taken. Yalu was named it.

The dog gym

AHHHHHHHHHH! An entire pack of wild mean and vicious snarling barking mean, oh wait, I already mentioned mean, but they were really really mean, woof woofs gave chase.

As you cannot see from this blurry picture our heroine, wearing gold fur in the lower right, she runs for her life while from two mean and vicious woof woofs gave chase. Look at those two blurry dogs barely able to keep up.  The chocolate one in the middle clearly has a smile on his face. The other eleven mean and vicious woof woofs ended up eating Yalu dust. Run Yalu. Run!

Meanwhile, the pack of mean and vicious woof woofs pursued our heroine. She kept running. They kept chasing her. All around the gym Yalu ran–she avoided the little puppy area because that was the polite thing to do.

Further and faster Yalu ran around this large open spaced building. More owners unleashed their mean and vicious woof woofs to join in this mean game of chasing Yalu. Further and faster these mean and vicious woof woofs perused Yalu. People watched, smiling and entertained by their dog’s poor behavior.

Desperate to ditch these horribly mean and vicious woof woofs, Yalu ran to her people. Brian stopped taking blurry pictures of the pursuit and picked her up. That was not good enough. The mean and vicious woof woofs surrounded him. Yalu climbed up Brian. His head had to be cold from being inside so Yalu became his Golden Retriever cap and stood on his shoulders.

Finally, Brian got the hint–guys are a little too slow when it comes to getting hints–and realized something might be wrong. He also looked silly wearing a Golden Retriever on his head in public. He lowered Yalu and cradled a full size puppy in his arms. Yalu had a look on her face that said, “Please do not put me back down.”

The mean and vicious woof woofs that had now grown into a wolfpack surrounding Brian and our heroine. They got bored waiting for this scared prancing princess puppy puppy who ran to her owner and now refused to play. Some other poor dog was chosen as it. The mean and vicious woof woofs resumed their chase.

Unfortunately, that was not the only thing that went wrong in Yalu’s life. In of her adventures, Yalu And The Stinky Stink, she met a skunk and the skunk said hello back in its own special way.

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In Defense Of Mr. Wesley

In Defense of Mr. Wesley

In Defense of Mr. Wesley

Mr. Wesley is the resident puppy dog of the house. His job is to project his people from monsters and any other dangers that lurk in the great unknown. It must be noted that not a single monster has ever been seen anywhere near the homestead. They know to stay away from Mr. Wesley.

He has the fully Golden Retriever package of being handsome, fury, brave, unless there are hunder-dunder strikes. When that happens, it becomes his job to make sure the nearest bathroom tube is safe.

Mr. Wesley even makes times in his busy day to go on car rides to make sure are no monsters in the area. Yeah, one look at him and the monsters flee.

Well, another Golden Retriever by the name of Rusty came over to visit. Rusty was a younger, less mature dog in dire need to training. The moment Rusty the Golden Retriever saw Mr. Wesley, Rusty wanted to play dominant dog.

How rude! Rusty was a guest at Mr. Wesley’s puppy palace and he liked to play rough, rough, rough. Rather than cause a scene and embarrass this younger Golden Retriever who should have know better, Mr. Wesley decided it was better for Rusty’s owner to severely reprimand his rambunctious behavior than show him up in a game of dominant dog–hey, that was Mr. Wesley’s story and he was sticking to it.

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Puppies and Ice Cubes

What could be better than puppies and ice cubes? As today’s video shows, the two like to stick together.

Yalu was just as fascinated as these cute guys when it came to ice cubes. When she first arrived at her puppy palace with my sister and me, we brought her outside to play. After a while, I figured Yalu needed a drink so I went inside and decided to add some ice cubes to her water.

She dipped her nose in and then pulled back. Ice cold water was something new to her. She poked her nose at the ice cubes and watched them bounce in the water. That seemed to be the first time she had ever encountered ice in water. Once she realized the purpose of ice was to make her water cold, she stuck in her snout and a enjoyed her drink.

Puppies and Ice Cubes

Puppies and Ice Cubes

I had asked my artist Tielman to draw an illustration of Yalu having a drink of ice water. He did a pretty good job.

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