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What Would A Cute Doggie Read?

What Would A Doggie Read?

What would a dog read?

Humm, what to read? It needs to be a really good story. One that a doggie would enjoy from start to finish. How about War and Peace? Nah, too long. Probably does not have a doggie as a main character either.

That is what I really want. A story about a doggie. Doggies make for great characters in any story, especially when they are the main character.



Now this doggie story needs pictures, but not just any kind of pictures. They need to jump out from the page. The pictures of the main character, which in my humble opinion should be a doggie, must to be well drawn.

Readers like me need to look at these doggie pictures and think, “Wow, that is a really really neat doggie picture.” That is what I think this because If I spoke, it would only sound like, “Woof, woof, woof.” The artist drawing these doggie pictures must have talent and be able to make the reader’s heart beat a little faster.

Jedi Dog

It is also important that that the doggie be the hero of the story and be the kind of doggie able to endure trials and tribulations. Trials and tribulations help build character. I want to read a doggie adventure story where the main character, who is a doggie, refuses to give up. Doing that shows that the puppy dog, when faced with adversity, has the smarts and character to overcome any problem. Cute, brown and fury would be nice too puppy dog extras.

Does such a fascinating dog tale exist? Not only is the answer yes, but there are two such stories about a smart puppy dog who overcomes adversity. One is called Yalu And The Puppy Room, the other Yalu And The Stinky Stink,

Both are page turners about a determined puppy dog looking for a forever home and who refuses to leave her favorite pet zebra outside in the dark. These two adventures can be yours for a total of $$5.98.

Two e-books,$5,98 can be downloaded to your computer, tablet or smart phone–that eliminates driving to and from a bookstore and allows for instant gratification. Be brave, be bold and read what the intellectually smart dogs read.

The Skunk’s Side Of The Story

The Skunk's Side Of The Story

Is anyone interested in skunk’s side of the story? I was minding my own business, sniffing around, at one with nature. That was when I heard a door open. Outside  comes a puppy dog who scampered down the porch stairs and trotted around the yard.

Great, a dog has decided to become a part of my day. Granted, I do not mind dogs. The farther away they are from me, the more I like them. When they do decide to get close, I have a special way of saying hello.

I already knew, this was not going to be a good encounter. Dogs are not supposed to say hello a skunk like me. The smart canines know better. They take one look in my direction and stay away. This one might need a life lesson which I was more than happy to provide.

The dog had a big smile pasted on her face. Her eyes were wide opened. That meant she was friendly. Good thing there was a mesh fence between us or this dog might have violated my comfort zone.

Being the kind hearted skunk that I am, I decided to give this dog a warning so I arched my back and put up my tail. Any experienced dog would have turned and run away. This one crept closer and still had a friendly look on her face. That was about to change.

Having given the dog a warning, it was time to dispense with the life lesson. With a quick turn, I sprayed my special stink formula at her and scampered off to the woods.

I must have gotten her in the eyes because she cried out real loud. There was no need in hanging around, particularly when I heard the house door open again. Teaching a dog to avoid a skunk was one thing, messing with humans was something I preferred avoiding. Humans tend to get upset when their dogs get a life lesson. They always overreact and always side with their dog.

Someone will probably write a story about me and that dog. The dog will probably get all the publicity and sympathy from the reader too. Will the story be called A Kind Hearted Skunk Teaches A Life Lesson? Probably not. The tale will most like be from the dog’s point of view and called Yalu And The Stinky Stink. At least I will get some credit in the story title.

I am not bitter, just stinky. We skunks have learned to play the part of the villain quite well when it comes to our interaction with dogs. Go ahead, buy the e-book and let me know if I am right or wrong. It is only $2.99 at Be brave, be bold and find out what happens when a dog tries to say hello to a skunk.

Curious Puppy

Curious Puppy

So there you are, a curious prancing princess puppy. Your parents have sent you outside for a potty trip and to check your sniff mail. After that the three of you will go walkies.

Everything seemed normal.  That was when you, a cute brown prancing princess Golden Retriever saw a strange looking doggie at the far end of your yard royal princess puppy estate. Rather than being rude and going “woof woof woof,” charging across the yard and causing a scene, you became curious.


This was the first time you had ever saw that doggie in the neighborhood sniffing on the other side your mesh fence. The doggie was minding his own business. Was that strange new doggie even a boy-dog? Why that dog could be a girl-dog. You were simply not sure so you got closer to find out.

As you approached with a big hello smile on your face, this black doggie with a white stripe in its back and tail now looked at you. Did the doggie growl? No. You came closer. The doggie on the other side of the fence arched its back, The white striped tail went up. How strange.

You, being a friendly dog, wanted to introduce yourself and say hello. Maybe you and this new doggie could have a play date. Oh a play date  with a new friend sounded like it would be so much fun. Your parents could get together.  There would be doggie treats, squeaky toys and good times had by all. Yes, setting up a play date with this new doggie sounded like fun.

Sticking your nose out for that all important first sniff, the doggie turned around. There you stood staring wide-eyed at black doggie with a white stripe on its back and tail. Awkward!

Out of no where, the doggie sprayed your face. What kind of doggie would do such a thing? What kind of doggie could do such a thing? An ick poo yucky stinky stink covered you. Your eyes start burning.

Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch. What to do? What to do?

Wow, that was some intense puppy drama. Wondering what happened next to Yalu? I would if I were you, kind reader. Find out by purchasing Yalu And The Stinky Stink. For just $2.99, you will be in the know and be able to tell your friends and neighbors how a cute, kind prancing princess puppy dog named Yalu overcome her terrible situation.

Need more plot? In the same story, a pet zebra named Molly will be rescuing. Find out how Yalu saved her from monsters–yes MONSTERS!

All that excitement crammed into a single e-book that can be found on for just $2.99. Look to the right, click on the banner for Yalu And The Stinky Stink. Enough typing. Take action now and become a proud owner of this thrilling, yes, trilling story. Be brave, be bold and find out how Yalu handled not one, but two puppy crises.

Best Dog Blanket Ever

Best Dog Blanket Ever

Best Dog Blanket Ever

Looking for the best dog blanket ever? One that will keep you snugly warm on those cold winter days? Well, look no further than a Golden Retriever.

Golden Retrievers are the best dog blankets ever invented. They come filled with fur and can warm up anyone.

Take a look at today’s picture to see a dog blanket in action. Just lean back on a recliner, insert a cute brown dog on top of your tummy and the cold goes away.


One of Yalu’s very important jobs was to keep her Daddy, Daddy, Daddy warm. She was a natural dog blanket and quite good at chasing away the burr. All that fur. All that puppy warmth created an extra benefit: petties. What is petties? Why it is the greatest thing in the whole-wide-world because when Yalu got petties she released Vitamin C.

What was Yalu’s version of Vitamin C? I am so glad that I getting you to wondering about this very important benefit of having the best dog blanket ever. Yalu’s version of Vitamin C was cute. That was what the “C” stands in Yalu’s Vitamin C stood for.

What could be better than having the best dog blanket ever? An origin story about how she got her current job as a people warmer. Where can you, kind reader, get a wonderful origin story about Yalu? Thankfully, I have that story available for you.

Read the e-book Yalu And The Puppy Room. Find out how she was able to stand out from the other dogs and find a special home worthy of her cuteness. You can find it on the banner to the right. Click it and head off to where for $2.99 and e-book of this wonderful story can be downloaded to your computer, tablet, or smart phone. Like great pictures, I got them.

There is a second Yalu adventure called Yalu And The Stinky Stink where she  deals with a skunk and then rescues her pet zebra–yes, there is a zebra named Molly who needs rescuing. Yalu is the dog who will make that rescue possible. Be brave, be bold and become a part of Yalu’s world.



Once Upon A Dog

Once Upon A Dog

Once upon a dog–the story is about a dog, not time, there was a Golden Retriever named Yalu and she liked car rides. When she went on these car rides, Yalu expected the windows to be down so could stick her nose out the window and sniff whenever she wanted. When she sniffed the great outdoors was up to her.

The problem this prancing princess puppy had one day while out on her car ride was that her driver kept the windows up. I know, talk about your doggie tension. Why would her personal chauffeur keep the windows up? Are you ready for this? He complained, complained, more than once that it was too cold outside. He did not like what he called, “the burr, burr cold” blowing on the back of his neck while he drove.

Her driver said it was 26 degrees outside, whatever that meant. The blowing wind was too much for him so the prancing princess puppy would have to “rough” it with the windows up during her car ride.

Was it Yalu’s fault that her driver could not keep warm? Where was his fur coat? Yalu never went anywhere without her fur coat. Was there not enough puppy fur in the car for him to knit himself a very warm jacket? Where was his scarf?

He could have turned up the heater, but nooo, her driver kept the car windows up and denied a fury cute brown dog the benefits of the great outdoors. Good help is so hard to find. The only reasons Yalu kept her chauffeur was that he did a pretty good job in the petties and play departments–he had room for improvement when it came to supplying puppy treats.

Keep in mind that Yalu was not a spoiled dog. Oh no, she was fresh. Being fresh required people, including her driver, doing whatever Yalu wanted whenever Yalu wanted it done. These freshness expectations should be been made known back at the kennel when Yalu chose her people.

Curious as to how we got here? Well you, kind reader, can follow Yalu’s trek to top dog status by becoming a proud owner of Yalu And The Puppy Room.  Find out how she met her future chauffeur and the way she stood out from the other dogs in the crowd.

I know, I know, one Yalu adventure is not good enough. You want to know how well this dog handles a stinky situation. The answer to that and many other questions can be found in Yalu And The Stinky Stink where she rescues a zebra. You read that right, Yalu rescues her pet zebra.

Now that you are thoroughly intrigued and wondering, “How does a Golden Retriever all do those amazing things?” Well you can find out by clicking the banner links to the right and for $2,99–$5.98 if you are brave and bold enough to purchase both e-books, you can be in the know.

Petting A Dog–There Is Nothing More Important

Petting A Dog

Petting A Dog

Petting a dog is the most important activity humans undertake–more important than reading a newspaper. Yalu’s job was to made sure everyone was up and ready to pet her inside the Puppy Palace.

In order to pet her, people had to be awake because it’s much easier to pet a cute brown dog when you are awake than when you are asleep—we have tried sleep petting, it doesn’t work unless you are a cute brown dog getting the petting while you sleep.

Making sure DiMamma and Daddy, Daddy, Daddy were up was easy because Yalu slept with the parents on their bed—rumor had it that a little brown dog, who shall remain cute, would wake up Daddy, Daddy, Daddy at three in the morning for special nighttime petties—but that’s a story for another time.

Usually, Yalu used her nose to open doors—since she did not have important people thumbs, a nose certainly did the trick. Sometimes, Yalu encountered closed doors that required doggy diplomacy to overcome. When a closed door blocked where she wanted to go, Yalu would knock with a scratch of her paw upon the frame and sometimes add a polite “I would like the door opened, please” bark. When that failed, the puppy diplomacy deepened.

I lived on the second floor so when Yalu would used her nose, knock, or give a polite bark, I heard her could open my door for her all important petties. The same was not the case for Honey-Honey. She lived another floor up in the loft and sometimes would not hear the puppy knocks or her polite barks. For Yalu, that could only mean problems—the biggest involved her not getting Honey-Honey petties.

When Yalu entered my room and jumped on my bed, we would discuss her concerns during her petting sessions. Her jumping off the bed, running to the door, looking at me, and then jumping back on my bed indicated that we needed to leave my bedroom and check on Honey-Honey.

Since I had thumbs, I could open the door to Honey-Honey’s room. On the way up to the loft, I would let Yalu know that the Honey-Honey might be asleep and that we might have to wake her up. Good thing I sent a puppy up there first because Honey-Honey without her morning coffee is well … not awake and what she needed was a cute brown dog substitute for her morning cup of Joe. Fortunately, we had one of those.

With everyone now awake and morning puppy petties completed, we could move on to more important issues such as mid morning petties, followed by the late morning puppy petties, then the noon petties, early afternoon petties, followed by the very important mid afternoon petties that led to the early evening petties because the best petties in the world were the ones that happen that instant.

Wow, that was a long tail … I mean tale. It really does take a smart dog to get what she wants. Yalu even did that as a puppy. You can find out by becoming a proud owner of Yalu And The Puppy Room. It based on a true story about how she picked me and my sister. It is nice to be picked by a dog. Click the banner to the right and for $2,99, you can be the proud owner of this e-book and download it from

What is that? You want a second Yalu adventure. One of those is possible, but there is a skunk and a pet zebra involved. Yalu And The Stinky Stink is the name of the story. There’s a banner for that too on the right. Have a click. Be brave, be bold and find out what happens to this cute brown dog.

Welcome Visitors

Welcome visitors. Click the banners to the right purchase these two e-books for $2.99 each on Below is a brief description.

Yalu's First Adventure

Welcome visitors

One story is called Yalu And The Puppy Room. It is about an eight week Golden Retriever looking for a forever home. She does something rather unique to stand out from the dogs in her kennel.






Yalu And The Stinky Stink Book Cover

Welcome visitors

The second e-book is called Yalu And The Stinky Stink. In this great continuation of the Yalu saga, she meets a skunk and then later rescues her pet zebra.

The illustrations in both e-books are great. The stories are even better. Find out for yourself by become a proud owner of these e-books.

Looking For Both Cute And Smart Dog?

A Cute And Smart Dog

A Cute And Smart Dog

Looking for a smart dog? Then look no further than a Golden Retriever. They are as intelligent as they are cute. That means they are really, really smart.

Like all dogs, a Golden Retriever can be taught just about anything a dog can learn. What makes them different is that they figure out the best way how to do something. In other words, Golden Retrievers are problem solvers.



When a Golden Retriever is in the field, they are better at quartering than most dogs. What is quartering? That is when a dog search for something. Put a Golden Retriever and another dog in search of something, the Golden Retriever will not look where the other dog has been. Doing that allows them to cover more ground while other dogs might look in the same place more than once.

If you need further evidence of a Golden Retriever being smarter than other dogs, then look no further than Yalu. She found a way to stand out from the other dogs in her kennel and get noticed. You can find how she did that in her first adventure, Yalu And The Puppy Room. 

The banner for the book is to the right. You can also sample minutes of the book with a short video. Why? Because you are special. So be brave, be bold and become a proud owner of a wonderful e-book for just $2.99.

What A Lovely Dog House

This Is Your Dog House

What a thrill to see your dog house for the first time. When putting together the second edition of my first book, Yalu And The Puppy Room, I meet with my artist Tielman and reviewed the pictures I wanted to add to this edition of the book.

I asked him to draw Yalu seeing her new home for the first time from the car.

He asked me how many levels was the house?

“Two,” I answered.

“What color is  the house?” he wanted to know.

“Red,” I told him.

“Do you want a garden, a tree or two in the front yard?”


That was all we spoke about when it came to the illustration I wanted. The above was what he created. Amazing, simply amazing. There was a moment where I just looked in awe of his creation.

Tielman possesses a skill all artists throughout time have possessed. The patron, me, would describe what I wanted for a picture, then he, the artist, created something that he convinced me was my idea. Thankfully, I am easy to please in the picture department.

I really must admit, Tielman did a phenomenal job with the illustrations he created for me. Today’s example is one of three dozen illustrations he created for my two e-books, Yalu And The Puppy Room and Yalu And The Stinky Stink. For page after page you, kind reader, will find his deep and rich illustrations helping to bring the words of my two stories to life. Experience the world he created for me. Become a proud owner of my e-books. Both stories can be purchased at for $2.99. Yalu has two very great adventures that will make you root for her. Be brave, be bold and become proud owners of these books.