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Sneaky Dog Trick Fools Human

Sneaky dogYalu could be a sneaky dog when she wanted something.  There you are, wearing your dog slippers, minding your own business, watching TV, when a cute brown dog walks up and drops a ball on your chair. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge. It is time to play–or at least that was she wanted me to think.

It is hard to say no to someone so cute. That happy dog face says, “Play with me. You know you want to and, I brought a ball.”


Once I got the dog slippers off and some socks and shoes on, we would go outside and I would throw the ball, She would chase after it and bring it back. That was her way of appeasing me. I would throw it again and she would give me a look. With a little tilt of her head, she would indicate,  “I just ran and got that ball for you and there you go throwing it again. I have got to check my sniff mail. If you want the ball, go get it yourself.” Off she would go for some sniffies.

Good thing Yalu had the memory of a puppy dog. Give her a few minutes and she would be all ready to go fetch a ball or go looking for the one that just got thrown. While she sniffed, I would walk to where the ball I had thrown and point to it. Yalu would look my way and come trotting over. That was when she remembered there was a thrown ball and felt like running after it again.

Come to think of it, she used the ball to trick me into going outside so she could check her sniff mail. She set me up with the whole ball on the recycling chair trick.  That was not the only sneaky ruse she used on me. Back in her kennel, she found a way to stand out from the other dogs and get noticed.

Find out what she did by reading Yalu And The Puppy Room. You, kind reader, can download an e-book version for $2.99 from Be brave, be bold and enter Yalu’s wonderful world.

How To Improve Your Web Traffic With WordPress SEO Yoast


I found a helpful video for improving web traffic with search engines like Google and Bing. Improved web traffic is the name of the game when promoting anything. The goals are to be registered with the search engines and having good search words that part of your product.

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That will help attract people to my page where I can promote my e-books about the adventures of a little brown dog named Yalu. There is a banner for Yalu And The Puppy Room and Yalu And The Stinky Stink where both e-books can be downloaded from for $2,99. All you, kind reader, need to do is be brave, be bold and enter Yalu’s wonderful world.

Writing Lesson Plan For Your Students



Today’s blog is for the teachers and anyone interested in writing. Below is a lesson plan that you, kind reader, are more than welcome to use.

If there is a way to improve what follows, please let me know. After all, critiques are a part of the writing process.

Also, if you know any of your peers who would like to utilize this lesson plan, send them here. I could use all the fans I can get.

Purpose Statement: Students will understand the process of creating a book from an idea to marketing the final product.



Part I: The idea

  1. What is your idea for a story?
  2. Write it down.
  3. Who is the main character(s) in the story?
  4. Where does the main character(s) live?
  5. What is the timeline when they live?
  6. What are their likes?
  7. What are their dislikes?
  8. What habits do they have?
  9. What is the story’s main conflict?
  10. What does the main character want?
  11. What prevents the character(s) from getting what they want?


Part II: Writing the first draft

  1. Using your responses to the above questions, free write until you run out of ideas.
  2. Don’t worry about structure; focus on story line
  3. Is there conflict at the beginning of the story?
  4. What happens on the first five pages?
  5. Write yourself into a corner.
  6. Is there a way the main character can lose?
  7. What would happen if that character lost?
  8. How could it get any worse for the characters?
  9. How could the character(s) come back from that loss?

Part III: Editing

  1. Read what you wrote.
  2. Read it aloud.
  3. Edit, edit, edit until you have the best possible draft.
  4. Read what you wrote to a group of peers who will give constructive criticism.


  • Bad: That’s stupid!
    • How is it stupid?
    • How could it be better?
    • Try what could be better.


  • Very bad; It’s good; with no reason why.
  • Better: Why not try _____.


  1. Collect opinions.
  2. Try to add those comments into your story.
  3. Read your story into a recording device and replay it.
  4. Repeat steps three and four.


Part IV: Marketing

  1. Create a blog.
  2. Post snippets of your story on the blog.
  3. Leave your reader curious by creating cliffhangers.
  4. Find a good artist to create illustrations and a book cover
    1. com
    2. Find your own artist locally
    3. Find an artist with an internet search.
  5. Post videos on
  6. Post free sample chapters of your book.


Part V: Build Traffic

  1. Free traffic
    1. Friends
    2. Family
    3. Facebook
    4. Twitter
    5. Instagram


  1. Paid traffic—

Part VI: Publishing.

  1. What you know vs. whom you know.
  2. Traditional publishing houses.
  3. Literary agents.
  4. Self publishing
    1. Hardcover
    2. E-book through



Provide 15 minutes free writing time.

Follow up with 30 minute group evaluation of individual products

Regroup for 5-10 minutes for one-on-one re-evaluation and oral reading

Time for final presentation to entire group will vary depending on number of participants

Individual responses via checklist from audience – 5 minutes

  1. Are the plot and characters interesting?
  2. Did the story provide scenes/actions/dialogue for development of the characters?
  3. Did you identify with the story line and the main character?
  4. Is the ending believable?
  5. What will you remember about the story a week from now?


Conclusion: Writing is a cognitive endeavor that results from experience.  Learning to write is an involved process, building a foundation from an idea and developing it into a final marketing product can be accomplished.

Waiting Puppy Dog In A Car


Yalu loved her car rides. So long as the driver kept the speed to thirty miles per hour or less, Yalu would stick her head outside the window. Anything faster might put her fur out of place and if it was raining, forget about it. She would keep her head well inside the car–talk about your pampered dog.

She preferred sitting in the backseat because doing that was a sign of power she understood well. Only VIDs (very important dogs) got chauffeured and only the very special sat in the back.

There would be times when she and I would take slow back road car rides. I would drive slower than usual just so she could stick her nose outside and take in the air.

When we pulled up to a stop light, people in neighboring cars would admire the cute brown Golden Retriever next to them. Yalu would hold her head up high for her adoring fans so they bask in her cuteness.

What was the best kind of car ride? It would be the one that just started. However, the car ride could not be too long. Anything less than thirty miles was fine with her. Over thirty miles required a nap or something in the back to pet her.

You, kind reader, can read and even see a picture of Yalu leaving her kennel for the first time. Doing that mean becoming a proud owner of Yalu And The Puppy Room. How can you accomplish something utterly wonderful and become part of a very special fan club? There is a banner to the right that will whisk you away to where you can own your very own e-book for just $2,99.

What was that? You want another Yalu adventure? Normally, that would be difficult, but because you are so special, I have good news. There is a second e-book called Yalu And The Stinky Stink where where our heroine meets a skunk and  later saves her pet zebra. If that sounds odd, then you will just have to purchase that book and find out what happens. Be brave, be bold and enter Yalu’s wonderful world.


The Correct Way To Greet Humans

Welcome to the start of Yalu And The Stinky Stink. It is a great part of the story where our heroine, Yalu, a Golden Retriever who is now more than eight weeks old, sits upon her puppy thrown. Her place of power is better than most because she can stretch out and take a nap        –how many other kings and queens can do that when they sit on a thrown?

Something important has just happened. You can tell by the concerned look on her face. Yalu’s slumber has been disturbed. What could it be? What could it be? Oh wait, there is a short video. You can click and find out because it is important.

Being the puppy of the puppy palace carries very important duties. One must always be prepared to greet people. The question is how should a prim and proper prancing princess puppy do that? You will just have to watch the video to find out.

Let’s see, what do I always do when I start winding down the blog for the day? Oh yeah, it is to remind you, kind reader about the two e-books I have for sale: Yalu And The Puppy Room and Yalu And The Stinky Stink. They are both available on for $2,99 each. Download them and read these finely illustrated stories to someone special. Better yet, have someone special read them to you because that would be fun. Be brave, be bold and enter the wonderful world of Yalu–she is “woof” it!

The Little Caterpillar


The world is filled with ironies. I have always found it odd for a dog to be afraid of other dogs, but Yalu was cynophobic throughout her life. Big dog, small dog, it did not matter.

Next to Yalu’s puppy palace lived a small white Pomeranian Karma. When he came out on his leash, Karma would put his four paws together and hop on the grass making him look like a caterpillar, hence his nickname.

When the weather was nice, Yalu and I would sit outside and sometimes, the Caterpillar would come out. Karma was a friendly dog and would want to say hello. Whenever he came near, Yalu would hide behind my chair or rush back into the basement. She wanted nothing to do with another dog and she would give me strange looks whenever I petted the Caterpillar. Yes, I petted around.

Yalu’s timid response to other dogs made me wonder what her life was like in her kennel before we met. Those thoughts inspired me to write a series about her. You, kind reader, can find out what I imagined Yalu’s life was like by becoming a proud owner of Yalu And The Puppy Room. Be brave, be bold and see the world through Yalu’s brown eyes.

Meet The Happiest Dog In The Whole Wide World

Golden Retriever, dog, e-book, children's book, inspirational

The Happiest Dog in the world

Despite the picture being blurry, this is without a doubt the happiest Golden Retriever you will ever meet. She doesn’t have a care in the world other than playing and that was how Lori and I wanted Yalu’s life to stay—worry free.

Welcome to one of Yalu’s many dog action photos. Here, a happy dog romps on the grass outside her puppy palace. Alright, Yalu lived in a condo complex with a long common backyard with a dozen other neighbors. There are woods and a stonewall that made for the perfect play place.

Lori and I never asked if Yalu was the runt of the litter or if her brothers and sisters might have been mean to her. It did not matter. Yalu had won life’s lottery by becoming a Yates dog. For those of you who believe in reincarnation, if you have to come back as a dog and you get a choice of whose dog you will come back as, be a Yates dog. Look at how happy you will be. There will be lots of play time, lots of petties, car rides, homemade dog cookies and plenty of opportunities to show the world how cute you are.

Before her sniffer developed and back when I could outrun her, I would race Yalu to the other end of the condos and hide behind the last building. When Yalu charged past me, I would slip out of my hiding spot  and run back. I would see her stopped, looking to her left and right for me and wondering, Where did he go?

To which I would yell, “Woof, woof, woof.”

She would turn, notice I was far away and race back. When you are a puppy dog playing with a human what could be better than being the center of attention?

It was not always like that for Yalu. There was a time when she did everything right and ended up getting rejected. How could such a happy dog from the photo above end up being turned down by anyone? It can happen, even to a cute Golden Retriever.

Find how Yalu got from her kennel to my place by becoming a proud owner of Yalu And The Puppy Room. Packed full of phenomenal illustration, Yalu And The Puppy Room will make you root for this wonderful dog looking for a forever home. Be brave, be bold, click that banner to the right and become part of Yalu’s world.

How One Simple Word Can Keep A Room Full Of Kids On Edge


Golden Retriever, dog, e-book, children's book, inspirationalWhenever I get the chance to read to a group of students, I would sit a child in front of my computer or the teacher’s computer that would have my PowerPoint pictures of Yalu And The Puppy Room at the ready. With PowerPoint in presentation mode, the cover of my book projected on a wall.

Just before starting, I would tell the person in the captain’s seat, “When you hear the word ‘Ding’, press the enter button.”


Usually, I would get an odd look from the student, nothing new there, and would start reading the story. At the right moment, I would say, “Ding!” because I needed a new slide and after all, that was the signal to press the enter button.

After a few “Dings!”, my audience would catch on and would start saying “Ding!”. There is nothing more heartwarming than a classroom full of five-year-olds saying “Ding!” at once.

Even the older kids taking that all important power nap during my show would raise their heads because a group saying “Ding!” together sounded important. How many times does someone get to say “Ding!” in school and get away with itl?

Now I had to make sure my audience said, “Ding!” at the right moment—I did not want the “Ding!” to come too early or too late. At the right moment, I would cup a hand to my ear and do my Hulk Hogan impersonation for the upcoming “Ding!”.

Did my “Ding! trick work? Of course it did. You should try saying “Ding!” to someone special by purchasing your own copy of Yalu And The Puppy Room. Whether you have an audience of one or many, there will be good times had by all. Be brave, be bold and get your e-book for just $2.99.

Meet The Golden Retriever With Jedi Mind Power

Golden Retriever, dog, e-book, children's book, inspirational, self published, Jedi mind powerLife is so less complicated when a pet not only chooses you, but also comes equipped with Jedi mind control power. When our previous Golden Retriever, Chelsea, passed away, my sister and I wanted to see a variety of dogs when we traveled to the kennel in Deerfield, NH. We specifically asked the owner if we could see dogs with a lot of energy and personality.

The first contestant was a Chocolate Lab. This little guy wanted to show us how quick he could cut corners. He sprinted around the room like a racecar and forgot about the two people who came to see him.

Our next contestant was a Yellow Lab. He probably knew the Chocolate Lab because they had a grand old time playing together. Once again, two people sitting on separate couches felt forgotten.

Okay, contestant number three was a German Shepherd. Now three dogs are having the time of their lives playing together. As for the two people on the couches, they could wait. Playtime was much more important.

Contestant number four was a St. Bernard, I knew he was not going to work. Lori didn’t like drooling dogs and when this puppy grew up, he would be a giant I would have problems walking. Still, I wanted to see one so when the St. Bernard showed up, he wanted to party with the Chocolate Lab, Yellow Lab, and the German Shepherd. Why not? They were all having a grand time—the people could wait.

Contestant number five was an attention starved Beagle. This one romped right to Lori. Finally, a dog who noticed people, here was progress and the Beagle had potential. Snoopy from the Peanuts cartoon strip was a Beagle. Lori loved Snoopy so the Beagle took the lead in becoming a Yates dog until he rolled over on his back and nipped away at Lori who could not get her hands near him.

The Chocolate Lab decided there had to be a reason for two strangers being in the room. He decided to visit me. Being a playful little guy, he climbed up on my lap, pulled back his paw and scratched my left arm. That was his way of saying hi.

One look at Lori told me that none of the dogs in the room stood out. I asked the owner if she would bring out a Golden Retriever.

The lady brought out a very shy Golden that she put on the floor. The pup looked at her kennel mates playing in the room and refused to join them. She eyed me and then Lori before making her move. Calmly, the Golden Retriever walked over to the couch next to my sister, avoiding the other dogs playing an intense game of tag, and tried climbing up next to Lori. Being a small pup, she could not do it by herself so Lori helped her.

Jedi Dog

The dog widened her eyes and applied classic Jedi mind control. Like Obi-Wan Kenobi, she waved her paw and said, “You do not like these dogs.”

To which Lori and I repeated with glazed eyes, “We do not like these dogs.”

“You want a Golden Retriever.”

“We want a Golden Retriever.”

“You want the Golden Retriever sitting on the couch.”

“We want the Golden Retriever sitting on the couch.”

“You will spoil the Golden Retriever and give her whatever she wants.”

To which Lori and I came out of our trances and said to the dog, “Well, duh!”

“Tell the owner you want the Golden Retriever and will take her home with you right now.”

We did.

The owner, most likely immune from Jedi mind tricks was stunned. “You said you wanted an outgoing dog. You picked the shiest one here.”

Hey, once a Golden Retriever lover, always a Golden Retriever lover.

Short of the Jedi mind tricks, what you, kind reader, just read actually happened and is part of Yalu And The Puppy Room. Since you have read this far, you must be intrigued about this story. The banner to purchase the e-book on is on the right. There is another great story called Yalu And The Stinky Stink that can also be purchased on for $2.99. Be brave, be bold and enjoy two of Yalu’s adventures.

Prepare Yourself, Kind Reader, To Be Thrilled And Entertained By Rich Content, Content, Content


Since Monday, I have been taking part in a webinar by Ron Douglas. Who is Ron Douglas? Short answer: he is a friend of Alice Seba which is simply awesome! Long answer, click today’s video clip and find out more.

They are running a webinar series called the Best Seller Summit that focuses on a part of writing that people such as myself must master: promotion.

Below is a list of some the people who have spoken and the topics they have covered.

E Brian Rose – Monetizing your book launch and building authority

Ryan Lee –  Growing your continuity income

Armand Morin – Growing your traffic and audience through blogging

Connie Ragen Green – Write your book in 30 days with just 1 hour’s work per day

Michel Fortin – Develop your copywriting skills and sell more products

Ty Cohen – 7 ways to sell more of your books in less time

Daniel Hall – Adding video and audio to your Kindle books for interactivity

Colin Theriot – Product creation, content and copywriting to grow a loyal audience

What does this mean for you and me? Well for me, I have a slew of upcoming writing topics to discuss in my blog. I even have permission to add all or part of their webinar videos. The webinar will be going on for another two days with more diverse speakers.

For you, kind reader, there is the ultimate reward: informative and entertaining content, content, content.

Being a writer, whether with an established publishing company or self published means being able to market your brand and do your own promotion. Right now, I am developing name recognition so when you or someone says Brian T. Yates, I get associated with writing children books about a Golden Retriever named Yalu–life will probably get confusing when I complete and self publish a novel called Joey’s War–The Path To Power about a young man rising through the ranks to control New York’s La Cosa Nostra in 1997, but I digress.

The key to promoting myself is to post interesting informative content and to make sure your readers leave your blog thinking they have received information they find helpful and entertaining.

Always promote and make sure people know about your product. Gee, after all this writing, I better tell you about an eight week old Golden Retriever hoping to find a forever home. The story is called Yalu And The Puppy Room. There is a short trailer to the right that I, your humble author and book promoter, have read. Take a look.

I know what you, kind reader, are thinking. Give me four good reasons to invest $2.99 in Yalu And The Puppy Room. Well, here goes.

First and foremost Yalu is “woof” it.

Second, the illustrations my artist Tielman drew are simply marvelous.

Third, I wrote a great story about a dog who faced rejection and learned to overcome it.

Fourth, the e-book leave you wanting more.

Yalu has a second adventure called Yalu And The Stinky Stink. Is it as good as Yalu And The Puppy Room? You will just have to download and read both e-books to find out. Be brave, be bold and live the world from the perspective of a cute brown princess puppy.