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I am going to learn how to build a successful e-mail list. Having gone to, people have given me shout outs in their posts that they claim have ten of thousands of followers. There was no harm in trying a few of them so I did and seemed to have attracted more spammers than customers.

Last week, I signed up for a month long webinar series with a fellow named Jimmy Kim. His claim to fame is showing people how to build e-mail lists. Today will begin the first day. I expect to do a lot of learning.

I’d rather be taught how to build an e-mail list than spend $500 and have e-mails blasted out to 3,000 people who might or might not be interested in purchasing Yalu And The Puppy Room.

I have tried advertising with Facebook, Google, and Bing and have not found too much success to date. I have targeted niche audiences with people interested in dogs, Golden Retrievers, puppies, adoption, forever home, and inspiration.

In the world of internet advertising, what I see is a big hole with a sign next to it called: Advertising. Just walk up with your money and throw it into the hole. No results? Throw in more money.

It is interesting when I spend, $5, $10, $25 with Facebook advertising. A few thousand people head over to my blog that is posted on Facebook, take a look at it, press the like button, and that is it. Hopefully, this course will teach me how to get people to press the buy button.

What I do know is that I must identify a problem and then be the solution to that problem with my product. So, kind reader, here is your problem. You know a little one, a son, daughter, niece, nephew, granddaughter, or grandson who has faced rejection. That person has been picked last. What they need a role model to show them that no matter how bad it gets, that character can overcome rejection so your special person can too.

That is where Yalu, the six week old Golden Retriever, comes in. By following the link below to, you can find out how she overcome rejection and being picked last and found a forever home.

For just $6, you can have an e-book downloaded to your computer, smart phone and tablet. Read Yalu And The Puppy Room to someone special. Better yet, have someone special read Yalu And The Puppy Room to you. You’ll be glad you did. So be brave, be bold and click the link below.


How To Handle Rejection–The Secret Revealed In Yalu And The Puppy Room

Yalu and couches 01

How well do you handle rejection? We’ve all been there and it stinks. There you are thinking you have done everything right and for whatever reason, the girl, the clients, the team, the company turn you down.

Looking around you, everyone else seems to get picked without a problem. Meanwhile, no one has picked you. What gives? You sniff and do not smell bad. A look in the mirror reveals no hideous defects.

Imagine being a puppy dog like Yalu. She has the full puppy package of being cute, brown, and furry. She is the perfect six week old Golden Retriever ready to get picked.

Her brothers and sisters have no problems finding acceptance. For  Yalu, she must learn to rise above rejection and make herself the top dog of her kennel. She must admit that special aura that will make her stand out from the rest.

Can she do it? Of course she can–it is how she does it? That I will leave out of this post. You, kind reader, must find out for yourself. How can that happen? Why through the power of internet you can download an e-book.

Yalu And The Puppy Room is available on for just six bucks. Yes, six bucks! Press that button below. You will be helping a self published author. Be brave, be bold, and click that link.



What Is Cute As Defined By Yalu



What is cute?

Cute is a dog wearing golden reindeer antlers.

Cute is a furry brown dog laying on a couch.

Cute is a puppy rolling around on the grass.

Cute is when a Golden Retriever rested her chin on your knee.

Cute is looking through the car mirror and seeing a dog’s head sticking out the window during a car ride.

Yalu brought me a lot of happy memories that I have enjoyed sharing. She was the main character of an e-book I wrote called Yalu And The Puppy Room. For $6, it can be yours by following the link below to It’s a great story about a six week old Golden Retriever who found a forever home. Be brave, be bold and click the link below.



Welcome To A Kid Friendly Blog


I write a simple blog. At, I tell stories about my dog Yalu or writing and then I plug my e-books: Yalu And The Puppy Room and Yalu And The Stinky Stink.

I am a self published writer reaching out into the great big world of the internet. My primary goal is to get you to read my post. I keep them short because people are busy.

If I can get a smile or a thought provoking moment from you, kind reader, then good. If I can get you go head over to and purchase a copy of Yalu And The Puppy Room for $6, then all the better.

The book is available as an e-book so it can be downloaded to computer, tablet, or smart phone. Is the e-book “woof” it? I certainly think so. Find out for yourself by being brave and bold and clicking the link below.



Happy Thanksgiving To One And All



Twice a year, Yalu was officially allowed a plate of people food. No leftovers, this was a her plate. Thanksgiving one was one day, Christmas Day the other. The Honey-Honey set forth the two special occasions.  No big eyed begging puppy eyes happened during the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

Yalu loved her turkey, gravy, and dressing. She also adored the homemade rolls DiMamma made. It was a tail wagging experience Yalu never missed.

Speaking of tale, there is a story about how Yalu found her forever home. Of all the people who came to her kennel, she picked me and Honey-Honey as her special people.

Find out how she did it by becoming a proud owner of Yalu And The Puppy Room. Follow the link below and be whisked off to where you can download your very own e-book for just $6. Be brave, be bold and click the link below.



Who Wants To Know The Mystery Behind This Video Clip

The neat feature of video clips is that once they are created, they can be reused. Welcome to the beginning of Yalu And The Puppy Room.

Yalu has been chosen to meet a family in a place called the puppy room. She is a six week old Golden Retriever and this family wants a Golden Retriever. The stars are aligned. This is going to be so easy for her. All she has to do is charm them. Nothing can go wrong–or can it?

Is the entire story on this video clip? No. Is the rest of the story available for you, kind reader, to download as an e-book and read to someone special? Why yes, yes it is. Follow the link below to and for $6, you can be the proud owner of Yalu And The Puppy Room. Be brave, be bold, and click the link below.



It Does Not Have To Be Pretty, It Just Has To Work


Welcome to the inside of my recording booth. I needed a simple way to shut the door and keep out the sounds that float around the basement. I also had an issue with the sound of crinkling duct tape.

The door needed the better part of the minute to stop making noise that the microphone could pick up–I needed the duct tape to cover some open insulation that has begun falling from the top of the door from an open section.

Hey, it work. That was all that mattered. Someday, I will build a better recording booth. In order to do that, I need to sell e-books. How do I sell more e-books? By getting you, kind reader, purchasing an e-book copy of Yalu And The Puppy Room. 

Find out how a six week old Golden Retriever find a forever home. It is based on a true story about how my dog chose me. Click the link below and be whisked off to where you can download your very own copy for $6. Be brave, be bold, and click the link



WP Spamshield–Stops Spam Cold And It’s Free


Getting too much spam in your comments box?

Tried of seeing message after message about game hacks when you write about Golden Retrievers?

If you, kind reader, answered yes to any of these questions then you need Spamshield. Yes, friends and neighbors, Spanshield stops spam cold and if you use, not .com, but .org, you cam get Spamshield for free.

Just go to plugins, installed plugins, and in the search bar enter: WP Spamshield. Install free program and that is it. I had to go get rid of the spam messages already in the comment box. After that, life was good.

I might be blocking all other comments from real people so I will need to do some further research on this product, but the seventy-five plus comments that have stopped all because of Spamshield.

Amazing? You bet. The greatest thing since sliced bread? Not quite–that honor belongs to my e-book Yalu And The Puppy Room —for those of you who read this blog, you know I always find a way to pitch the book.

Read the heartwarming story about a six week old Golden Retriever who found a forever home. For $6, it can be downloaded from and available to you to read to someone special. Go on, be brave, be bold, and follow the link below.



Behold: Yalu And The Stinky Stink E-book Cover

Page 01 Book Cover with words

Take a gander at the e-book cover for Yalu And The Stinky Stink. It is simple and that was what I was after.  There is a cute, brown, and furry puppy dog at the center–for those playing at home that is Yalu. A devote zebra named Molly to her right and the stinky stink to the left.

Just waiting for corrections on two pictures from my artist Tielman. A little work on my part and the second book will be ready.

Find out how Yalu got to this wonderful puppy palace by purchasing and downloading Yalu And The Puppy Room as an e-book. You can find it on for $6. Buying a copy means you will be helping out a self published author. Be brave, be bold and clink the link below.



Seven Lucky Reasons You Should Read Yalu And The Puppy Room

book cover

Yalu And The Puppy Room is the perfect e-book for anyone wanting to read a wonderful story about a six week Golden Retriever. Here are seven lucky reasons why this story would be a wonderful addition to your e-library.

  1. You were ever picked last.
  2. You want to find a forever home.
  3. You have ever faced rejection.
  4. You like stories about a puppy dog.
  5. You like stories with a smart main character.
  6. You are a fan of Golden Retrievers.
  7. You like happy endings.

For just $6, you kind reader, can be the proud owner of this book. Be brave, be bold, and click that link–you’ll be glad you did.