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Create A Puppy Confusion Scenario You Can Be Proud Of

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Whenever the doorbell rang, Yalu always thought the visitor(s ) had come to see her. Why else would anyone come her puppy palace? Halloween always brought a lot of visitors and a win-win situation. Costumed kids got candy. Yalu got petted.

One little boy, probably five, arrived with his parents. The lad had dressed in a dinosaur costume complete with a spiked tail. When the child rang the doorbell, Yalu did not know what to make of him.

Her first instinct was to sniff and the dinosaur smelled like a little boy. She romped around to check out his tail. A little boy with a tail made no sense to her so Yalu romped back to the front of the dinosaur and sniffed. He still smelled like a little boy. Again, she romped back and stared at his tail that wagged back and forth.

Yalu gave me a strange look as if to say, “He has a tail, but he smells like a little boy. I have never encountered a two legged animal with boy scent.”

The little boy loved the attention and decided he needed to step inside the puppy palace. Yalu gave her guest a closer inspection. There was more running and sniffing from a little brown dog who shall remain cute.

This was not the first time Yalu found herself confused. She once lived in a kennel with all sorts of dogs. They were lucky enough to be chosen for new families while she had to wait and wait and keep waiting for someone special to come along.

Find out what happened to her by owning your very own copy of Yalu And The Puppy Room. There is more puppy drama in this story than you can wag at tail at. There are great expectations. There is a big letdown. There is sadness followed by a happy ending by a smart dog who took control of her fate–it must be read to believe.

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Who Else Want To Enjoy The Hottest Book Promotion Video You Will See Today?

Welcome to a blog that I wanted to post since last Tuesday. The first step was recording Yalu And The Puppy Room. I have a little, and by little, I do mean little, home studio which is a booth big enough to stand in and surrounded by foam on the inside and insulation on the outside. I still have pause while airplanes fly overhead or cars roar down the street. The other option is to record in the middle of the night.

I use Ableton Live 9 Lite for the recording software. The program is free when one owns a Focusrite box that translates what I say into a microphone and then relays my electronic words to the Ableton software on my computer.

The first step was to record the story. I had done that a few years ago and paid $750 to do the recording and editing. I paid another fellow $250 to set up pictures and words in the right order. It’s nice being able to take care of engineering matters on my own. I want to keep developing my speaking skills to do my own audio books and voice over projects.

I completed a PowerPoint presentation with the pictures as slides and audio broken into parts on each slide. It looked and sounded great. PowerPoint does not post well on the internet so that was a two day learning process.

For someone who had never used free program called Photo Story 3 from Microsoft until early this afternoon, I did a pretty good job of getting a video put together. Once I uploaded it to, it was a simple matter of creating a link.

Every once in a while, I will post more videos from the story to temp you, dear reader, into wanting your very own e-book of Yalu And The Puppy Room. It can be purchased at for the amazingly low price of $3.50 and read within moments on your computer or smart phone. Be bold, be brave, and click here.


Have Ball, Will Play


Ball: one of the greatest inventions in the whole wide world. How much fun could a puppy dog have with a ball? If it was just a ball and a dog, not much. Add a people person throwing the ball, then let the good times roll.

Yalu might have been a prim and proper prancing princess puppy, but her inner dog came out when a ball made an appearance. Rolling or throwing it toward her was never as fun as the chase.

How long could Yalu play ball? Answering that would be trying to find out how many licks it would take to get the center of a Tootsie Pop–the world will never know.


I was lucky to have a pup like Yalu pick me. Of all the humans in the world, she risked her future on an unknown people person she barely knew, but grew to love.

I have a very good e-book with even better pictures of her first adventure called Yalu And The Puppy Room. You can own your own copy with a purchase at for just $3.50. Be brave, be bold, and click here.

Spam Messages


Whenever I log into my account to write my blog, there are usually comments waiting for me. At long last, they are from people with something to day about my blogs. Below are some of the other messages I have randomly picked.

“Additionally, increasing your credit report is not the only ways for getting a mortgage.”

“We also supply a lending professional, which gives personalized rate quotes, as well as extra alternatives for Utah and Nevada homeowners.”

“To obtain more accurate and also customized results, please telephone call -LRB-800-RRB- 251-9080 to talk with one of our home mortgage experts.”

Are they annoying? Sure. They do make me smile because who would want to follow up with them? There is nothing to personalize them to me or the blog I write. I could understand if there was something about dogs, writing, or self publishing. It is just random spam. Thankfully, I get to decided what gets posted.

For those of you who do send me comments about my blog, the book or Yalu, thank you. I am more than happy to accept and them. There are times I have thought I was just writing to myself or a big empty room. Blogs do take time to develop an audience and I am a work progress.

Right now, I make a point to post something everyday and I do my best to stay positive. The world can be bleak so I am glad to have created a character in Yalu who has faced overwhelming setbacks and learned to rise above them.

Yalu And The Puppy Room is my way of showing that if a six week old Golden Retriever can overcome the problems and competition facing her, than others can too. For her it is just a matter of finding a unique way to stand out from the crowd.

For the amazing price of $3.50, you, kind reader, can own an e-book copy of this wonderful story and share it with someone special. It cam be found at so be bold, be brave, and click here.


Yalu And Molly

My artist Tielman has sent me four colored pictures for Yalu And The Stinky Stink. The above is Yalu having good times with Molly, her pet zebra. Molly has just scampered up Yalu’s back with some human assistance.

Molly is by far Yalu favorite stuffed toy and BBF. This zebra plays an important part of her upcoming adventure.

Tielman believes that he can complete the pictures I have requested for my second book by Halloween. I look forward to seeing that happen.

I like the picture he sent. Yalu is in bliss. Her people are home and she is a happy pup with her pet zebra dancing on her head. I like that he has kept Yalu more of a puppy than as an adult, the little ones grow up so fast.

I will be posting the other pictures Tielman has sent along in future blogs–hey, I have got to keep you, dear reader, coming back.

I know there are many of you who want to know how Yalu became such a happy pup. She traveled a rough road in Yalu And The Puppy Room in order to find her forever home. That amazing story is available as e-book on for the amazing low price of $3.50. Become a proud owner of Yalu And The Puppy Room. Be bold, be brave, click here.


book cover

For a limited time, I have lowered the e-book price of Yalu And The Puppy Room to $3.50. Why? Because, dear reader, I want you to buy the e-book. Get it while you can at this reduced price.

You have heard of the fairy tale ending, “They lived happily ever after.” Well, it happened in real life to a six week old Golden Retriever. She learned how to overcame rejection and found a forever home.

Discover out how she did it by becoming a proud owner of Yalu And The Puppy Room. Now available on for amazing price of $3.50. Be bold, be brave, click here.



DiMamma insisted upon a puppy prison for Yalu—something about teething and needing a place to send a naughty puppy for a time out. The cage was supposed to be in the garage, but if the cage was in the garage, there wouldn’t be a place to park the CRV, so the cage found a home in the den.


In theory, a little brown dog, who shall remain cute, was supposed to sleep within the confines of this cage. Well she couldn’t sleep on a hard plastic floor so her bed went in there. There were some newspapers spread across her cage floor so she could catch up on her reading. She also needed something to drink. That required a a bowl of water. There was talk of putting a harmonica in there, but Yalu might do late night renditions of Nobody Knows The Troubles I’ve Seen. That’s not easy to do without fingers and thumbs.

Oh the horror, the horror of having to spend the night alone on a comfortable doggie bed with a bowl of water at her side and newspaper to read in case she got bored. But wait! It was dark. How could she read in the dark? As a matter of fact, how could a little brown dog read at all?

Escaping the dreaded Château d’woof-woof sounded like a pretty title of a new story. Such a story would be a good addition to her adventures because it was not easy for Yalu to find her forever home. Doing that took a lot of thought, finesse, and ingenuity.

How did Yalu find her forever home? Well, dear reader, you will have to find out by becoming a proud owner of Yalu And The Puppy Room. Follow the link below and be magically transported to where an e-book copy of your book awaits. Be brave, be bold, and click here.




The Amazon Book Review Are Back Up


It took more time and requests than I expected, but the people at Amazon have re-posted the reviews for Yalu And The Puppy Room. I had gone from just selling a hardcover book to just an e-book. Now when you, kind reader, press the click here button at the bottom of the blog, you see for yourself what other people think of my story.

At last count there were eight review. I have room for more. However, in order to post a review, it would probably helped if you had read Yalu And The Puppy Room. To do that, you will have to follow the link below to where you can be brave, be bold, and click here.

There’s Never Been A More Important Time Tell Dr. Woof-Woof All About It


I am fond of telling people that Golden Retrievers are convinced they are the center of your world. If you come home mad, they think you are mad at them.  They will insist that you sit down and cuddle until the problem goes away. That could involve a lot of cuddling and for Golden Retrievers that is just part of the job.

Given a Golden enough time and that pup can melt away your problem(s) by putting their head on your chest. They listen better than any two legged significant other. They never judge. They love you just the way you are. The only things you can do better is pet them more. More play and treats would be greatly appreciated too.

Yalu possessed all the above skill sets that her “woof” seeing at anytime of the day. She was always excited to see me when I got home and wondered why I left without her.

She chose me at her kennel. I had never been chosen by an animal. That made me feel special. To find out how she did it, read Yalu And The Puppy Room. It’s based on a true story about her and can be downloaded at by simply clicking here.

Never Give Up


Never giving up is easier said than done. It is difficult to get back back up after life knocks you down. Rising from failure is the true test of character because life will knock you down and bad luck will keep you there.

That is what our heroine has to keep enduring in Yalu And The Puppy Room. Despite her confidence, something awkward happened to her and then bad luck followed. Rising over adversity sounds great. Doing it just stinks.

Yalu’s first adventure served as an example that bad situations do happen and one can learn from them. What is bad for her made for good story. After all the bad things that happened to her, she came up with a rather brilliant idea of standing out from the other dogs in her kennel.

What was that good idea? Well, kind reader, you will just have to find out. For just $7.50, you too can learn what Yalu did in her quest for a forever home. Become an proud owner of a Yalu And The Puppy Room e-book. Purchase one at Be bold. Be daring, click here.