Monthly Archives: January 2013

The Little Catapillar


The world is filled with ironies. I have always found it odd for a dog to be afraid of other dogs, but Yalu was cynophobic throughout her life. Big dog, small dog, it did not matter.

Next to Yalu’s puppy palace lived a small white Pomeranian Karma. When he came out on his leash, Karma would put his four paws together and hop on the grass making him look like a caterpillar, hence his nickname.

When the weather was nice, Yalu and I would sit outside and sometimes, the Caterpillar would come out. Karma was a friendly dog and would want to say hello. Whenever he came near, Yalu would hide behind my chair or rush back into the basement. She wanted nothing to do with another dog and she would give me strange looks whenever I petted the Caterpillar. Yes, I petted around.

Yalu’s timid response to other dogs made me wonder what her life was like in her kennel before we met. Those thoughts inspired me to write a series about her. You, kind reader, can find out what I imagined Yalu’s life was like by becoming a proud owner of Yalu And The Puppy Room.¬†Be brave, be bold and see the world through Yalu’s brown eyes.